Chronic back pain, often the first step to healing is losing weight – how can it be done

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from Laura Cuppini The extra pounds limit the effectiveness of the therapies: a multidisciplinary treatment is needed. The role of the GLP-1 analogue in weight control Back pain is one of the biggest human problems: according to the World Health Organization the first cause of disability. As well as a (frequent) reason for absence from … Read more

Treatments for Chronic Migraine are evolving, here are the news and how innovation can help us

Treatments for Chronic Migraine are evolving here are the news

Treatments for Chronic Migraine are currently in a turning point. Finally the approach to this disease evolves. Pathological migraine is one of the most disabling diseases in the worldand has very high social costs. Until today theapproach was fragmented Luckily things are changing. Canva Chronic migraine obviously means that painful condition that persists for a … Read more

Migraine, also vitamin B12 deficiency in chronic patients – Health & Wellness

Migraine, also vitamin B12 deficiency in chronic patients © ANSA / Ansa (ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 12 – In patients with chronic and very intense migraine there is also a lack of vitamin B12. This is suggested by a study published in the official journal of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology, Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria. Vitamin … Read more

Cannabis, the former Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza who uses it against his pathology: “I had chronic pain, I was reborn. Let it be legal” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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More than two years after the start of the discussion in the Justice Committee, the law for the self-production of cannabis, which provides for the possibility of cultivating 4 plants for personal usethe strengthening of the concept of minority and the elimination of administrative sanctions always for personal use, has landed in the Chamber where … Read more