New Biden gaffe rekindles the clash with Iran: “We will free him”. Then he corrects himself. Raisi: “Free for 43 years, never again your prisoners” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

A new gaffe of the president Joe Biden resulted in the harsh Iran’s reactionincreasing the level of tension between the two countries that had already risen after the outbreak of protests over the death of Mahsa Aminithe 22-year-old who lost her life a month and a half ago after being arrested by moral police because … Read more

“They must disembark …”. “No, Germany will take care of it …”: Fratoianni-Gasparri clash over migrants

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

The theme of welcoming migrants returns to the fore after the choice of Minister Matteo Piantedosi to block the three NGO ships that are on the Mediterranean. For the column Il bianco e il nero, we asked the deputy Nicola Fratoianni, leader of the Italian Left, and senator Maurizio Gasparri, vice president of Palazzo Madama. … Read more

Paris-Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure – Politics

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

The pact between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in Aachen now seems a distant memory. Paris and Berlin take the stage of the total clash in Europe over energy and bring down the prices – under the eyes of markets and citizens – of an already difficult common understanding to lower gas prices and bills. … Read more

Gelo Totti-Blasi: Sunday for Ilary out for lunch before the clash. “They communicate only in this way”

Gelo Totti Blasi Sunday for Ilary out for lunch before the

Another Sunday of loneliness, that is, from parents separated but not at all afflicted except by worries about what will happen – soon – in court. Between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi the wait is more powerful than any other component of this new relationship, after twenty years and three children of life together, never … Read more

Hawks-doves clash, the ECB ready to rise ‘jumbo’ – Economy

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

The European Central Bank is preparing to make one of the most difficult choices ever, even more so than that of 21 July, when it raised interest rates for the first time in eleven years, putting an end to the era of negative rates. Two months ago, he had little choice: to fight runaway inflation … Read more

Charlene of Monaco, clash with Carolina: it’s freezing over the Rose Ball

LIVE Giochi del Mediterraneo 2022 in DIRETTA ori nel tennis

Charlene of Monaco should participate in the Rose Ballscheduled for 8 July, but could give up at the last minute due to the tensions never resolved with Carolina di Monaco who is entrusted with the organization of the most glamorous event in Monte Carlo. Charlene of Monaco, the Rose Ball at risk The presence of … Read more

War, EU: the green light of the Twenty-seven for the Ukrainian candidacy. The ok of the European Council also to Moldova. Clash on the Balkans

“You are part of our European family and today’s decision of the leaders confirms it.” The President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen thus turns to Ukraine, Moldova And Georgia minutes after the white smoke at the summit of Twenty seven who have decided to follow the recommendations of the executive and grant a … Read more

Morning 5, it is a clash between Lory Del Santo and Patrizia Groppelli

Last night it aired on Canale 5 the semifinal de The Island of the Famous, in which the names of the six finalists were announced who will battle for the victory of the reality show next Monday. But not only that, because during the episode aired yesterday, there was also the long-awaited comparison between Marco … Read more

Zaccagni-Lazzari case, FIGC-Lazio clash: National storm

Zaccagni Lazzari case FIGC Lazio clash National storm

SENT TO BOLOGNA- The charter train that brought the National in Bologna around lunchtime, he managed to avoid delays in the Italian railway delirium that lasted yesterday after the accident in Rome on Friday morning. All in all punctual (given the current crisis, initiated by Macedonia and accelerated by Argentina) the clarifications, clarifications and polemical … Read more