Smart #1, a close encounter in view of the launch in Italy – Trials and News

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

The approach to the Italian market of Smart #1 continues, the compact SUV born from the new cooperation between Mercedes and Geely. After the start of pre-orders, which involve the purchase of a 500 euro voucher – with which to option Smart #1 in the Pro+, Premium and Brabus versions – the phase of placing … Read more

The Audace gym bent by smart working: «We have to close, the center of Milan has emptied»

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

from Laura Vincenti On 27 November the lights go out in the fitness club in Piazza della Repubblica. The owner: «Many work from home and choose centers close to their residence to train» Due to smart working, the Audace gym closes. Among the collateral victims of the pandemic is also the popular club dedicated to … Read more

Here is the super telescope: from Cremona to the moon? “No, it’s too close …”

Here is the super telescope from Cremona to the moon

CREMONA – Once upon a time there were four people from Cremona: an engineer, a dental technician, a railway pensioner and the owner of a glass factory. It seems the beginning of a joke, but instead it is the beginning of a beautiful true story and a shared journey over ten years. To unite the … Read more

“We are not alone”: found a similar solar system close to us

70 According to Plato, astronomy forces the soul to look beyond and leads us from one world to another. The phrase of the famous Greek philosopher is always valid when scientists announce to the world a new sensational discovery and even more after the latest space novelty. A team of researchers has collaborated with the … Read more

Earphones, that’s when they are bad for our health: pay close attention to how you use them –

Earphones thats when they are bad for our health pay

Do you think high volume or prolonged use of headphones is bad for our ears? You’re wrong, find out how our earphones really hurt. The headphones are perfect for those who want to listen to music without disturbing those around them. The Bluetooth ones have now made us forget when we found all the intertwined … Read more

Champions, race to the second round: Inter close, Juve almost out, Milan need 6 points

Champions race to the second round Inter close Juve almost

Napoli are already qualified, for the Nerazzurri it will be enough to beat Plzen at San Siro, while Pioli’s team could also pass with a win and an equal The race to the round of 16 of the Champions League is about to end, but several teams have already removed the coveted pass for the … Read more

ATMs, they close 600 a year: “ceiling of 1.5 euros for withdrawals”

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Let’s call it a cash emergency. It will be true that we are going straight to the Cashless society, the company feels cash in which the currency will only be digital, but in the meantime we risk excluding those who by habit still prefer money in their pockets. In an age-old country, with more than … Read more

Pesaro, bills quintupled: forced to close the shop at zero km

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

FANO – Bills increased by 500% and another business risks giving up and raising the white flag because it can no longer bear the costs. But it is not just any activity: it is “L’emporio ae” in Fano, the operational and sales branch of the social co-op Contact, born from the experience of Jericho and … Read more

The electricity and gas suppliers who close their contracts early – Il Post

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

In recent weeks, various companies supplying electricity and natural gas have communicated to their customers the early termination of contracts, due to the increase in costs due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the market functioning mechanisms of this raw material. However, unilateral termination of contracts does not mean that homes and … Read more

Inter close to the masterpiece at the Camp Nou: they finish 3 to 3 against Barcelona. Now just beat Viktoria Plzen to qualify – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The company is there, but Inter to the Camp Nou touches the masterpiece: it ends 3 to 3 against Barcelona, with the Nerazzurri who could have easily won and qualified for the second round with two rounds to spare. Indeed, Inter deserved the victory: bold and authoritative on the field of Blaugrana (a kind of … Read more