Biden closes on sending the F16s. But Kiev insists: ‘we need 200’ – Europe

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After the Paris opening, the United States closes the door to Kiev on fighter jets to counter the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Joe Biden ruled out the option by responding with a resounding “no” to the question of whether he was in favor of sending F16s, immediately after announcing an upcoming trip to Poland … Read more

Stock exchanges, US quarterly spoil the mood, Milan resists and closes flat

Stock exchanges US quarterly spoil the mood Milan resists and

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Sales on technology stocks after the mixed prospects that emerged from the accounts of some big names have slowed down European stock exchanges. In Milan, the Ftse Mib limited the damage (-0.03%) thanks to the increases by Iveco Group and Leonardo. … Read more

Netflix closes the series ‘1899’, it is addressed on social networks

Netflix closes the series 1899 it is addressed on social

It is true had divided the fans of dark between those who loved her and who didn’t, yet no one expected the series 1899 was canceled after the first season. And to think that the New York Times had put it in the list of the best series of the year. It was the showrunners … Read more

Stock markets, the recovery continues: Milan closes at +1.1%. Wall Street in the red, Tesla collapses

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FTSE Mib Stock Exchange performance Loading… Unemployment stable in Germany, inflation slows down On the macro front, the unemployment rate in Germany remained stable at 5.5% in December. Furthermore, consumer prices in the country should decrease by 0.8% in December compared to the previous month and the inflation rate is estimated to slow down to … Read more

Tesla closes the Shanghai factory: production suspended “due to Covid”

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Tesla stops car production at the Shanghai plant: the spread of Covid-19 among its workers and its suppliers puts employees and suppliers of the plant out of action. The brings it back Wall Street Journal citing sources familiar with the matter. The eight-day stop already envisaged is thus extended. The suspension follows the recent slowdown … Read more

The Banco closes with the French: to Agricole the bancassurance

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Crédit Agricole buys another piece of Banco Bpm. Indeed, yesterday the third largest Italian bank sold 65% of its insurance policies to Crédit Agricole Assurances. From here a commercial partnership will then start in the Non-Life/Protection sector between the two institutes with a twenty-year horizon. The binding agreement disclosed yesterday provides for the acquisition by … Read more

Piazza Affari closes the week with a fractional increase

Session archived in fractionally positive territory for Piazza Affari and for the major stock exchanges of the Old Continent. Bankers in Milan on parity. Good Telecom Italia and Leonardo Session archived in fractionally positive territory for Piazza Affari and for the major stock exchanges of the Old Continent. In Milan on parity the banks. Good … Read more

“Long live Rai2!” closes, Fiorello’s question that hurts

Fiorello is always a guarantee of success and its transmission Long live Rai2! has recorded more than one record, but closes its doors with the “hurting question” addressed to Francesca Fagnani. “Viva Rai2!”, a television case: until it is suspended In fact, viewers will have to wait until next January 16thin order to listen to … Read more

Bergamo, Zara closes in via XX Settembre

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Of Donatella Tiraboschi Indiscretions would like the decommissioning of the shop in the center by next spring. Hypothesis of relocation to Orio for 25 employees. This afternoon (December 17) union meeting A union meeting in the canonical pre-holiday and Christmas shopping hours, i.e. from 3 to 4.30 pm, the one which, called by Fisascat Cisl, … Read more

Vicenza closes the last video store: «We had 27,000 customers. The most requested movie? ghosts»

Vicenza closes the last video store We had 27000 customers

Dear friends, oaic everyone. I have reached the end of my cinematic journey after 36 years. The credits roll on the Video library Vicenzaand the manager Benedetto Zanuso, he chose to make it known on December 5 with one of the slightly surreal videos he usually posts on social media. While he holds a sign … Read more