The origin of Covid and the new clues that return to point to the escape from the Wuhan laboratory

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The hypothesis of a virus manipulated in the laboratories and escaped due to lack of security procedures had already circulated in 2020 (and was immediately discarded as an allegation), but returned to discussion in recent weeks NEW YORK – The pendulum of the search for the causes of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is … Read more

One Piece 1057: first clues from the spoilerman –

One Piece 1057 first clues from the spoilerman OnePieceit

One Piece 1057: ten days after the release of the new chapter, the first clues arrive from the spoilerman Although there are more than 10 days left until the release of chapter 1057 of One Piece, the first clues from the Spoilerman already arrive via twitter. In all likelihood, spoilers will also be published within … Read more