Business energy bonus December 2022: here are the tax codes

For compensation with F24, the Revenue Agency has set up the appropriate tax codes to be included in the model. They refer to the energy bonuses for businesses, re-proposed by the Aid quater Decree for expenses incurred in December 2022 All ready for compensation in the F24 models which will allow companies to partially recover … Read more

The smartphone hides unimaginable secret codes: we are ready to reveal them!

The smartphone hides unimaginable secret codes we are ready to

Did you know that there are hidden codes in the smartphone? The telephone keyboard hides a world to be discovered. From your mobile phone, you can access various functions simply by knowing what you type on the keyboard. Most people are convinced of know your smartphone perfectly. Can use apps social mediaaccess emails, search, … Read more

The hidden codes of your phone, find out what you can do with the numeric keypad –

The hidden codes of your phone find out what you By now almost every person in the world has a mobile phone, almost without excluding children or the elderly, who are increasingly approaching the world of telephony, abandoning older generation smartphones to enjoy the advantages of applications. Although by now anyone knows how to use messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, social networks such as … Read more