Coffee, which are the best capsules? Esselunga and Conad on the podium: here are the prices

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Private labels are the winners in the coffee capsule market. what emerges from the study carried out by Altroconsumo, which examined 24 products of different brands. The references – all compatible with the Nespresso system – were subjected to three main tests: tasting, aimed at evaluating the organoleptic performancechemical analysis, to verify the overall quality … Read more

Are you hypertensive? Even two cups of coffee a day can be too much

Are you hypertensive Even two cups of coffee a day

Check your blood pressure, following the treatments your doctor prescribes. In addition to reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and chronic kidney diseases, just to cite a few examples of the burden on the body of uncontrolled hypertension, you can also consume a good espresso in complete peace of mind. Those suffering from serious … Read more

Coffee withdrawn due to presumed chemical contamination: pods and capsules are affected, here are the brands and lots

Coffee withdrawn due to presumed chemical contamination pods and capsules

Coffee withdrawn due to alleged ochratoxin contamination. These are pods and capsules of various brands. Here are the lots affected by the withdrawal Posted on: 23-12-2022 17:48 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Palermo. Professional journalist since 2006. Joined Virgilio Notizie after various journalistic experiences between Palermo and Milan. I am … Read more

Coffee could be a danger: never take it in these conditions, you seriously risk your health!

Coffee could be a danger never take it in these

Taking even a small cup of coffee can be a serious danger to our health, even if we struggle to give it up. No matter the doses, no matter the time of day: coffee in some cases is a danger to be avoided absolutely. Giving up, sometimes, is the only real solution. Canva Photo Although … Read more

Better coffee or tea? Here comes the definitive answer (but you won’t like it)

Better coffee or tea Here comes the definitive answer but

The Washington Post asked its readers a question on the basis that “drinking coffee or tea regularly can provide a variety of health benefits“. Cup of coffee and tea (Photo by @ THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: The world has always been divided between those who are frequent users of coffee and those who … Read more

In Amsterdam, discussions continue to ban coffee shops for tourists – Il Post

On Wednesday, the city council of Amsterdam will vote on a proposal to temporarily ban tourists from coffee shops, the city’s famous places where marijuana is sold and consumed freely. It is not expected that the motion will pass, but to support it is the same mayor Femke Halsema, center-left, according to which the ban … Read more

The “Verona coffee” has returned home: here is the first Starbucks in Veneto

The Verona coffee has returned home here is the first

The first Starbucks in Veneto opened on Thursday in Verona. the twentieth in Italy inaugurated by the Percassi group, the only licensee of the brand, which joins the 33 thousand in 80 countries around the world. Among the first trips made by Howard Schultz, founder and administrator Starbucks delegate, there was Verona – explains Vincenzo … Read more

Why do you always smoke a cigarette after coffee? It’s not about caffeine

Insulin does the oral tablet come against diabetes Focusit

from Cesare Peccarisi A group of neuro-pharmacologists from the University of Florida gave a scientific explanation to the morning ritual (which is also repeated during the day): specific neurotransmitters involved, here’s how A group of neuro-pharmacologists from the University of Florida has given a scientific explanation to the morning ritual of millions of smokers around … Read more

The highway scam, DO NOT stop for coffee: in 5 minutes they make you regret the journey

The highway scam DO NOT stop for coffee in 5

When we stop in the rest areas we must be very careful not to run into the gang of motorway restaurants who steal suitcases with a trick. This is how the criminals operate. Autogrill band – Motori.News During our trip it happens to everyone to stop for a rest in a service area and this … Read more

Cellulite: Does drinking coffee make the condition worse? here’s the truth

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To fight cellulite does it work to consume liters of coffee or does it make the situation worse by obtaining the opposite effect? To understand if coffee can promote cellulite, it is first necessary to recognize its nutritional values ​​as well as its contraindications, if any. We know that coffee is an exciting drink but … Read more