Do you have this coin? You are rich and you don’t know it: the € 2 that changes your life

Do you have this coin You are rich and you

These 2 euros could change your life. If you have this coin you could be rich and present an unexpected surprise. Here are all the details of the coins that have marked this area. In the world there are coins that can represent a real fortune. The numismatics sector can always surprise and represent a … Read more

Scam with cryptocurrencies to the VIPs of Northern Rome, the Hu coin wizards “disappeared with all the money”

There is a new suspected scam that stirs the nights and corrodes the liver of an army of investors who, instead of entrusting their savings to authorized credit channels, have become involved in a pyramid of chain investments, focusing on deposits of cryptocurrencies that promise “safe” if not amazing returns. In the circles of North … Read more

1 cent, the coin that is worth 6000 euros: get ready to change your life | You have it in your bag

1 cent the coin that is worth 6000 euros get

It will undoubtedly sound bizarre, that among the most sought-after coins by collectors, and consequently most appreciated, there is a trivial 1 cent coin. Rare one cent coin – As a reminder, the 1 and 2 cent coins will soon be withdrawn. 1 cent coin withdrawn shortly The reason for the withdrawal from circulation … Read more

Coin is back, good news for the walled city: the supermarket is back too

Chronicle / Como city Thursday 09 June 2022 The via Boldoni store reopens after five months and an investment of four million. The small supermarket reopens, vital for the residents of the historic center Como An investment of four million euros to relaunch the Coin Como store. The historic shop in via Pietro Boldoni reopens … Read more

If you find this one euro coin you can become rich in the dark: “It is worth 20 thousand euros!” –

One euro coins that are no longer in circulation or have been printed incorrectly are worth a fortune. It is not easy to find this type of coins (otherwise their price would not be so high) but if you are lucky enough to intercept one and put it on sale you can earn staggering figures. … Read more