McDonald’s relationship between colleagues: dismissal and fine of thousands of euros –

McDonalds relationship between colleagues dismissal and fine of thousands of

A story that is literally going around the world and that sees a McDonald’s employee thrown out for having had an affair with a colleague, who is then also forced to pay a substantial fine. It is not the first time that a company has banned romantic relationships between colleaguesa much more common policy than … Read more

General medicine. Chaos doctors in training in Campania. Fimmg: “Colleagues without salary for seven months”

The union: “The failure to provide scholarships for almost 200 doctors who started the Specific Training Course in General Medicine for the three-year period 2021/24 last April is unjustifiable. Doctors with families to support, children to look after, rents and bills (increasingly high) to pay and who after seven months have not received a single … Read more

Covid, the surgeon’s choice after the reintegration of no-vax colleagues: “Humiliation for those who followed the rules and science, I resign” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Covid the surgeons choice after the reintegration of no vax colleagues

Right now he is in Kosovoin the NATO base. Vincenzo Carrozza he is a surgeon and when he can he asks for leave to go to war zones. In the past few months he has also been in Ukraine to rescue and treat wounded soldiers. Originally from LocriCarrozza has lived in Chivasso for years: he … Read more

La Pimenta says it all: ‘The relationship with Raiola, Haaland-Juve, Donnarumma and Milan, the choice of De Ligt, Balotelli and the threats of male colleagues …’

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

All football. Rafaela Pimenta, the heir prosecutor of Mino Raiola’s empire, has developed a series of very important issues relating to its work and its clients. These are the words of him to the microphones of Sky: “I realize that I have an unusual job for a woman, but my goal is to be happy. … Read more

Gamification and challenges between colleagues: the startup that is changing the lifestyle of 130 thousand employees

35% of Italians do neither sport nor physical activity and do not lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Virtuoso, than with a total of 70 companies involved and 400% growth from 2021 is becoming a reference model for improving employee health, with 130,000 users, 115 billion steps counted, 71 million km traveled and 9 billion hours … Read more

Cristoforetti, on the ISS I feel at home with my American and Russian colleagues – Science & Technology

“Here I feel like in my second home, in the company of American and Russian colleagues and with my European colleague Matthias Maurer”, for six months in space with the Crew-3 mission: said Samantha Cristoforetti in the connection from the Space Station organized from ESA for the two European astronauts, together on board for a … Read more