The incredible (and very comfortable) escape of “Fat Leonard”, the man who corrupted the US Navy

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

“Fat Leonard”, a Malaysian businessman, in business for millions of dollars with the Pentagon, had bribed admirals and officers with parties, trips, cigars and prostitutes. He had been arrested thanks to a suspicious wife: but he escaped from house arrest after cutting his electronic bracelet – and after having “moved” “Leonard the fat” ran away. … Read more

New Bmw X4 2022-2023, a top-of-the-range SUV but at the same time practical and comfortable

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

BMW redesigns the X4 2022-2023 with flattened lights, redesigned shields and a new grille. The BMW X4 is recognizable from the front by a specific mesh on its grille. The design of its rear has been simplified by a larger painted surface and by moving the deflectors downwards. A black diffuser-shaped element can add sportiness … Read more

Mosquito bites are annoying but to deflate them and relieve itching there would be this comfortable natural product to massage into the skin

We know it well: the arrival of summer brings with it the heat and, above all, the hateful swarms of mosquitoes. But on the other hand, every season has pros and cons and we should get used to it. We all know these tiny insects very well, despite ourselves. Their buzz never leaves us alone … Read more

Fiat Tipo Station Wagon: Comfortable, this hybrid

Double choice There Fiat Tipo keeps up with the times by adding this 48-volt 131-horsepower hybrid to the 1.0 petrol and 1.3 and 1.6 diesel engines, offered both in the sedan version (the 5-door) and in the Station Wagon subject of this test. The mechanics are the same that recently debuted with the Jeep Compass … Read more

They are super comfortable and do not show your toes these trendy sandals that stretch the legs

The first warm days have already arrived and many of us try to dress in a cool and comfortable way. For many, the season of open shoes and beach dresses has already begun. In some cases, however, we are not allowed to dress too low-cut and with sandals for dress code reasons. In some works, … Read more

Let’s forget the classic sandals because the most fashionable shoes of summer 2022 will be comfortable and without vertiginous heels, perfect even at 60 years old

A breath of summer comes directly from these first hot days in late May. With the summer just around the corner, we abandon boots and ankle boots and run to stock up on lighter shoes that free our feet. In this regard, we remind you that foot care must be meticulous in this period. Especially … Read more