NASA had lost communication with Artemis I’s Orion capsule

NASA had lost communication with Artemis Is Orion capsule

We recently wrote of updates of the Artemis I mission which brought the Orion capsule in orbit around the moon and that he will bring it back to Earth by mid-December (the splashdown is scheduled for December 11 near the Californian coast). This is the first test of this kind of technology and since the … Read more

World Cup, Infantino: “Today I feel gay, Arab, migrant worker, disabled”. And the communication chief of Fifa comes out

World Cup Infantino Today I feel gay Arab migrant worker

DOHA — In the speech of the press conference by opening of World the president of the Fifa, Gianni Infantinodid not elude the most thorny theme, i human rights in Qatar and in particular the exploitation of immigrant workers. Infantino counterattacked, with a heartfelt speech on the full legitimacy for Fifa to organize the tournament … Read more

Farewell to the house (with Imu in charge): never forget this communication

Farewell to the house with Imu in charge never forget

Complicated time for property owners. As well as for the aspiring ones. And the land registry reform could bring news for the house. Buying a house is the biggest expense, on average (but not only), made by a citizen. Also for this reason it is not always possible to get to buy a property. Photo … Read more

Justin Bieber, Ramsay Hunt syndrome and the new rules of communication

from Matteo Persivale The singer to his 240 million followers in the impressive video, with half face blocked, one eye that closes and opens out of control: This is Ramsay Hunt syndrome I have to cancel my tour dates If Justin Bieber’s 240 million followers were a nation, they would be the fifth most populous … Read more