Flight strike, new day at risk stop: when and the companies involved

With autumn, even the air strikes in our country. The pilots and flight attendants of four low cost airlines among the most important in Europe for their policy of containing prices, have announced the stop. The strike was called by the trade unions Filt-Cgil and by Uiltrasporti who have decided to stop to try to … Read more

Payroll bill bonus: here are which companies are paying it

To safeguard the purchasing power of the Italians, several companies have decided to donate special bonuses And payroll prizes, attributable to economic bonuses to support daily expenses. Precisely in the face of the rise in electricity and gas bills, which make life difficult for employees, companies such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Atlante and several others have … Read more

IMU bonus, application from 28 September 2022 for tourism companies

IMU bonus, the application form for the tourism sector companies benefiting from the tax credit arrives. In the provision of the Revenue Agency of 16 September 2022, the rules for self-declaration on compliance with the limits on state aid, to be submitted from 28 September and by the deadline of 28 February 2023. IMU bonusready … Read more

Dear energy, the Commission’s (overdue) proposals: energy companies will finance aid for families and businesses – Il Fatto Quotidiano

There is no roof at the gas pricewhich like has admitted both the EU Commissioner Thierry Breton it would be at this point useless given the sharp decline in supplies from Moscownor the expected measures to guarantee liquid assets ai gas importers who risk going upside down. Tuesday the European Commission has finally approved its … Read more

Bills bonus for companies based on actual consumption: how to calculate the tax credit

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The bill bonus recognized to businesses is calculated taking into account actual consumption. Therefore, to determine the tax credit that can be used as compensation, one does not look at the estimated ones. The clarifications of the Revenue Agency in circular letter no. 25 / E / 2022. Bonus billstime to calculations for beneficiary companies … Read more

Dear gas, Germany saves another large importer. First insolvencies among medium-sized companies throttled by price increases – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Dear gas Germany saves another large importer First insolvencies among

After Uniper also the Leipzig gas importer Verbundnetzgas (Vng), a subsidiary of EnBWsubmits to the Ministry of Economy an application for state aid “To ward off further damage and ensure capacity for action “. It is the third largest gas importer in Germany and employs around 1,500 people. In 2021 it had a turnover of … Read more

State-owned companies yield 5.3% and are worth 107 billion: the map from FS to Rai (and the unknown nomination)

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

of 106.5 billion, down from 111 billion in 2020, the treasury. It brings in profits of 5.6 billion, with a yield of 5.3% (up sharply from 4.25% in 2020), and dividends of 3.25 billion (from 4.7 billion). The value of state holdings has been affected by stock market falls, but remains high and profitable in … Read more

Chaos skies, new cancellations in London Heathrow. In Europe, the worst companies are KLM and Lufthansa. Well the Asians – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Chaos skies new cancellations in London Heathrow In Europe the

Still strong discomforts at London Heathrow Airport with British Airways it has suspended the sale of tickets for short haul flights departing from London airport until 8 August. The decision was made against the limit on the number of daily passengers that the UK’s largest airport has imposed for the summer. Heathrow had in fact … Read more

Canceled flights, companies and airports most at risk: EasyJet and Turkish Airlines black jersey

Canceled flights companies and airports most at risk EasyJet and

These are not easy days for someone who has booked one vacationbetween the peak of infections from Omicron and the strikes and flight cancellations that are hitting everyone Europe. In a few weeks, more than 41 thousand flights about 7 thousand in Italy have been canceled from European airports. But what are the flights and … Read more

Superbonus, banks stop to assign credit. Cna: “33,000 companies now at risk”

Too many requests and the banks are now tightening their ties on credits deriving from building bonuses. In the days when the news came out that for the Superbonus 110% the available funds have run out, many customers are receiving letters and phone calls from their credit institutions informing them that they will no longer … Read more