Stellantis seems to be doing better than other auto companies – Il Post

Stellantis seems to be doing better than other auto companies

There is one company that is coping better than the others with the crisis that has severely affected the car sector since the beginning of the pandemic: it is Stellantis, which was born only in January 2021 from fusion of PSA, the French company better known as Peugeot Citro├źn, and FCA, the Italian-American company born … Read more

New checks for citizens, professionals and companies to be launched by the Revenue Agency in 2023

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How are they preparing to change the new controls against tax evasion already planned for 2023 and what does the stressful further request from the EU foresee? The phenomenon of tax evasion continues to be central to political discussions not only internally in our country but also at European level. And while the government plans … Read more

There is a capitalist South that does not like subsidies: here are the successful companies

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

In the complicated debate on the future of the economy of the South, the survey on medium-sized industrial companies Mediobanca-Unioncamere-Centro Studi Tagliacarne is a ray of sunshine. In fact, it opens up broader perspectives for reflection both of an economic and political nature. The mere mention of examples of successful capitalist initiatives in the South … Read more

The list of suitable directors for local health companies has been published The manager Daniela Corsi is not here

The list of suitable directors for local health companies has

THE LIST drawn up by the Ministry of Health, several Marches present. Another series of decisions for the extension of professional appointments to retired doctors in the hospitals of Macerata, Civitanova, Recanati and Camerino/San Severino. Meanwhile, the CGIL intervenes on the issue of entrusting shifts in the emergency rooms to a coop and is a … Read more

Light and gas bills, the Antitrust fines 7 companies: “Unjustified increases for 2.6 million customers”

Lancia Prisma molto piu di una Delta con la coda

There are about 2.66 million consumers who have suffered unjustified increases in the price of bills by the energy authorities for which the Antitrust is asking for suspension. This can be read in a note from the Authority announcing the start of seven proceedings against the main companies supplying electricity and natural gas on the … Read more

Dear bills, the Antitrust against 7 energy companies

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Are approximately 2.66 million the consumers which have suffered unjustified increases in the price of bills by seven energy companies. To reveal it is the Antitrust in a note, announcing the launch of seven investigations and the adoption of as many precautionary measures against Enel, Eni, Hera, A2A, Edison, Acea and Engie for alleged illegitimate … Read more

Single-Pair Ethernet, the advantages for 4.0 companies: that’s why it could become a standard – Agenda Digitale

Single Pair Ethernet the advantages for 40 companies thats why it

New Industry 4.0 applications such as the IIoT are driving the drive towards new standards for wired connectivity in automation and smart factories. The introduction of IoT technology in the industrial environment foresees sensor nodes which, although they do not require high power or bandwidth, are able to communicate effectively and reliably in near real … Read more

Macron to the US: “You give super aggressive aid against French companies”

Macron to the US You give super aggressive aid against

“Space new place of conflict” – In the first leg of his visit to the American capital, Macron was at NASA headquarters. “In space we have mad actors, new rogue states and new hybrid attacks”, said the French president, underlining how space today represents “a new place of conflict”. Macron stressed the importance for France … Read more

Enel and 6 other companies fined by the Antitrust for deceiving consumers in commercial proposals – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Enel and 6 other companies fined by the Antitrust for

The Antitrust has imposed a Enel energy and to partner agencies a fine of more than 5 million euros for deceptive practices in the sale of energy services. In detail, administrative fines of 3.5 million euro were imposed – A Conseed Srl and Seed Srl, jointly and severally, an administrative fine of one million. zetagroup … Read more

Evidence of a rebound for the EU Stock Exchanges, Enel and the oil companies shine in Piazza Affari

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – After the reductions of the evethe European stock exchanges they try to end the week higher, while wondering what the pace of rate hikes by central banks will be to curb record inflation. Thus the indices try to shake off the … Read more