Dragon Age Dreadwolf: Completed the Alpha phase, now playable from start to finish

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

Via an update on EA’s official website, BioWare announced that it has completed work on the Alpha phase from Dragon Age Dreadwolfthe new chapter in the RPG series expected on PC and consoles, which now is playable from start to finish. This means that development is well underway, although we are still far from the … Read more

War in Ukraine, live. Putin: «Mobilization completed in 2 weeks. Kiev: Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia with drones

8 hours ago Kiev: Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia with kamikaze drones Zaporizhzhia city council secretary Anatoly Kurtev said the Russians attacked the city with kamikaze drones in the evening, causing damage to infrastructure. Ukrainska Pravda reports it. Kurtev specified that the infrastructure structures were damaged following the attack and a fire broke out at the … Read more

Completed repairs for NASA SLS and Artemis I, the CAPSTONE probe is in ” safe mode ”

Completed repairs for NASA SLS and Artemis I the CAPSTONE

At the launch pad of the Artemis I mission the engineers and technicians have completed the replacement of the seals which may have been the cause of the leak of liquid hydrogen which blocked the launch attempt of NASA SLS on September 3. As we know this caused the launch to be postponed to not … Read more

On the planet TOI-1807b a year is completed in 13 hours; here is the exoplanet with an ultra-short orbit – Computermagazine.it

On the planet TOI 1807b a year is completed in 13

Outside our solar system there is a very special planet, where you get old in the blink of an eye. We are talking precisely of OI-1807b, a land where a year lasts only 13 hours, practically half a day plus another hour: it is the youngest exoplanet with an ultra short orbit ever discovered, having … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev, “Azovstal mission completed”. 264 soldiers evacuated, 53 wounded. Other fighters still inside. Explosions in the night in Lviv,

Soldiers removed from the steel plant for several weeks bombed by the Russians. Turkey’s stance towards Sweden and Finland who want to join the Alliance, while Moscow considers entry a threat. Lukashenko, “united with Russia against Western pressure”. Putin: “In Ukraine we have evidence on the creation of biological weapons by the US”. War Ukraine … Read more