Elenoire Ferruzzi confesses her interest in Luca Salatino at GFVip: “I don’t care that he’s engaged”

Elenoire Ferruzzi confesses her interest in Luca Salatino at GFVip

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 Elenoire Ferruzzi confessed to being attracted to Luca Salatino: “I like it, a lot” she admitted to Antonella Fiordelisi, then with Sara Manfuso she imagines their marriage. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Big Brother Vip 2022/2023 Luca Salatino competitor of the Big Brother VIP he has already broken into … Read more

Orietta Berti confesses: “she wants to die”. A sensational statement

Orietta Berti confesses she wants to die A sensational statement

Orietta Berti recently made a statement that left everyone speechless, something we never expected. Orietta Berti is one of the most active Italian singers and with the longest career that we can boast in our country, Silvio Gigli nicknamed her the Capinera d’Emilia even if she is more often remembered as the Nightingale of Cavriago. … Read more

Ilary Blasi confesses “It’s humiliating…”. Words that do not leave much doubt about the separation with Totti

Ilary Blasi confesses Its humiliating… Words that do not leave

Ilary Blasi confessed some particularly private and personal issues about the marriage with the now ex-husband Francesco Totti and leave us to reflect. Many are waiting for the two protagonists of the story to decide to speak openly and tell their version, so far there have been many to have their say on the separation … Read more

“It’s the last year that …”: Mara Venier confesses it in front of everyone – the Democrat – Free Information Journal

Its the last year that Mara Venier confesses it

Mara Venier made a confession that left everyone speechless: here’s what she revealed to her fans, the details They define her as the Aunt of Sunday because of her professionalism but above all for her thirty-year broadcast which, even today, is able to be very successful: we are talking about her, the queen Mara Venier. … Read more

Mila Suarez confesses what is really between her and Gianmarco Onestini

Mila Suarez was certainly one of the protagonists of the latest edition of La Pupa and the Nerdy showthe Italia Uno program produced by Endemol Shine Italy. Within the reality show he gave his best, making himself known to the general public with all its aspects. She has been at the center of controversy several … Read more