Ukrainian war, Medvedev: towards the Third World War. Lavrov: «Conflict with the West is almost real». EU, 500 million military aid to Kiev

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2023-01-23 18:05:14 Latvia expels Russian ambassador Latvia has announced that it has asked the Russian ambassador to leave the country by February 24 “in solidarity with Estonia and Lithuania”. This was reported by a note from the Foreign Ministry in Riga. Today the Russian ambassador in Latvia, Mikhail Vanin, “was invited to the Foreign Ministry” … Read more

Government aid to Serie A, there is no from the Treasury. Lite Renzi-Lotito: “He has a conflict of interest”. “He is a demagogue” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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And in the end the favor of the Meloni government to the presidents of A league and to the partner Claudius Lotito did not arrive. Decisive is the stop of the Department of the Treasury to the debt shield society sports: the dicastery of the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgetti is against the amendment to the … Read more

Ukraine, the US administration divided on the continuation of the conflict

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The Pentagon summit believes that no one can achieve a landslide victory, so we need to find alternatives. Biden is not opposed to dialogue but does not want to get the message across that he is dictating the line in Kiev A reconstruction on the New York Times sheds light on disputes within the US … Read more

Serbia, troops on the border with Kosovo: NATO fears a new conflict. Here’s what happens

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It is once again a video to tell what is happening between the Serbia and the Kosovo. A video shows Serbian troops deployed on the border with Kosovo, as tensions between the two countries rise due to the new restrictions imposed on the Serbian population by the government of Pristina. Footage released Tuesday by local … Read more

Putin: “The risk of a conflict in the world remains very high” – World

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“The potential for conflict in the world as a whole, as well as at the regional level, remains very high. New risks and challenges for collective security are emerging, mainly due to a sharp aggravation of the global geopolitical confrontation.” This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council of … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Moscow: “We will consider nuclear terrorism a dirty bomb”, The US: “We will not enter the conflict”

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The United States will support Ukraine in the war against Russia, but will not enter the conflict. The State Department spokesperson Ned Price he reiterated the US position with femezza: “We will be alongside Ukraine” but as the president has repeatedly said Joe Biden the United States “will not go to war. The most important … Read more

Ukraine, the direct – Putin to Erdogan: “Gas hub in Turkey to fix the price”. But they don’t talk about conflict resolution – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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13 Oct 2022 16:01 Anti-aircraft alarm across Ukraine Ukrainian TV and some Telegram channels report that anti-aircraft warning sirens are sounding all over Ukraine. The BBC reports. Following reports of anti-aircraft sirens across Ukraine, the head of the Lviv region, Maksym Kozytskyi, issued a message stating that “air defense is working” in the region and … Read more

Moscow: “EU part of the conflict if it trains Ukrainian military”. Kiev: “Free 400 square kilometers of the Kherson region” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

6 Oct 2022 12:06 Moscow: “EU part of the conflict if it trains Ukrainian military” The creation of a military training mission for Ukraine by the EU effectively gives the EU a role as a party to the conflict, warns the Russian Foreign Ministry, quoted by TASS. Yesterday the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy … Read more

Russia-Ukraine, how the conflict changes after the annexations of Moscow

This is therefore the perimeter of “Novorossia”, of that 18% (counting Crimea) of Ukraine that Putin could be satisfied with. Returning to the end of the USSR, the Russian president said that now that “tragedy” is part of the past, and “it is not what we are aiming for”. He now only counts the decision … Read more

China: “US to change course on Taiwan or confrontation will become conflict. Devastating consequences”

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“If the Use They do not change route towards the Chinathe comparison will become conflict”. The Foreign Minister of Beijing, Wang Yireignites tensions with the United States by speaking in Mandarin at aAsia Societyin New York, returning to the question Taiwan. Recalling that the policy of the “Only China” is the base on which the … Read more