It was considered a car for “losers” today it is highly sought after and the latest model is a bomb –

It was considered a car for losers today it is

When it first came out, it was the only one of its kind, and more than one motorist greeted it with great skepticism. More than twenty years later, things have definitely changed. The new model looks like a real sports car. Over time, this car becomes more and more modern and attractive to the point … Read more

Meloni attacks the European Central Bank: “It moves on rates in a way that many considered risky” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Meloni attacks the European Central Bank It moves on rates

Abroad, where the focus on the government’s guidelines Giorgia Meloni in foreign policy it remains very high, it has not gone unnoticed jab of the President of the Council to the European Central Bank. Speaking to the Chamber this morning, Meloni said: “Low or zero growth, therefore, accompanied by the surge in inflation which exceeded … Read more

Russia, even among the “hawks” dialogue is no longer considered a taboo

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Marco Imarisio Among the warlike speeches there are also glimpses of the negotiations. “When the West understands that it is impossible to fight, we could sit down at a table” From our correspondent FLY Let’s start with television, which sometimes helps to understand. During his evening monologue, the famous conductor Vladimir Solovyov, in exalting … Read more

It used to be considered the disease of the kings, now it is a real epidemic of the 21st century

Discount assault on low cost shopping against expensive bills and

Gout, once considered the disease of the rich, is now increasingly widespread even among the youngest: let’s see why this phenomenon It was once considered the evil that afflicted kings and nobles because it was thought to be connected to excesses and excesses with food and alcohol. Today, however, it is a rather widespread disease … Read more

Unidirectional superconductor: considered impossible, it could revolutionize the whole electronics

Unidirectional superconductor considered impossible it could revolutionize the whole electronics

Associate Professor Mazhar Ali, along with his research team at TU Delft, has established there unidirectional superconductivity without magnetic fieldsconsidered impossible since 1911 when Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconduction. The discovery, published in Natureis based on two-dimensional quantum materials and lays the foundations for computation using superconductors, potentially capable of constituting electronics hundreds of times … Read more