WD Black P40: the review of the portable gaming SSD also ideal for consoles

WD Black P40 the review of the portable gaming SSD

Small and versatile, the WD_BLACK P40 external SSD is a fast drive that can be used in many situations: here is our review. The WD Black P40 is a Portable SSD with strong gaming features: high reading speeds, compact dimensions and an RGB lighting system that we gamers like so much. Under the solid black … Read more

Xbox: Game Pass, games and consoles at risk of price increases: what could happen?

Xbox Game Pass games and consoles at risk of price

It is a bad period for the videogame industry as it is for any other sector of the technology market and beyond, but consequently it is even more so for users, who will probably find themselves forced to pay higher prices for products. Sony has already moved in this regard: first increased the cost of … Read more

PS5 and Xbox Series X: will 30 fps return to being the standard on consoles?

PS5 and Xbox Series X will 30 fps return to

Much of the games arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X since launch they run at 60 fps or at least have a performance mode that sacrifices resolution to guarantee a similar framerate. However the recent cases of Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem do discuss, with the fear that with the arrival of … Read more

Gaming Offers: Up to 80% off games, consoles and accessories on eBay

Gaming Offers Up to 80 off games consoles and accessories

Here are 10 offers that gaming enthusiasts cannot miss: consoles, video games and accessories on promotion on eBay with discounts up to 85%. Turn on notifications to receive updates on If you are among the gaming enthusiasts always looking for interesting titles to expand your collection or are waiting for the right opportunity to buy … Read more

LEGO Brawls, between Smash Bros. and minifigures, blows and bricks arrive on PC and consoles

LEGO Brawls between Smash Bros and minifigures blows and bricks

The odd mix of Smash Bros.-style fighting game and building comes to PC and console – let’s take a look at LEGO Brawls. A Smash Bros.-style multiplayer fighting game based on LEGO characters may seem like a strange idea, but if you look at the constitutive characteristics of this type of games, you understand that … Read more

“Isola dei Famosi 2022”, skips the Friday episode. And Ilary consoles herself in the pool

Isola dei Famosi 2022 skips the Friday episode And Ilary

There just doesn’t seem to be peace for Ilary Blasi: once again, theIsland of the Famous 2022 sees a change in its schedule – yet another to follow in recent weeks. In this case, it is probably due to needs due to an all too ruthless competition which therefore “forces” Mediaset to take a step … Read more