Reusable containers in supermarkets, the proof of our readers: ‘We had to give up’, ‘in small shops it is possible’. The (false) problem of hygienic-sanitary safety – Il Fatto Quotidiano

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Some have written to the chains of Large distribution organized and those who have tried to ask supermarkets to “use containers own as long as they are reusable, clean and suitable for food use”, as required by Climate Decree of 12 December 2019. After the publication of the video investigation of Greenpeace on the non-application … Read more

Reusable containers brought by customers to supermarkets, the proof of Greenpeace: the law is not respected in 56% of cases – video – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

The law exists, but it is not enforced. And the Climate Decree of 12 December 2019, which allows customers to supermarkets to “use your own containers as long as reusable, clean and suitable for food use”. Except that once you get in front of the counter of the gastronomy the story changes: consumers asking to … Read more