The ECB: “Interest rates must continue to rise significantly”

The ECB Interest rates must continue to rise significantly

The spread fell despite the rate hike In the period between September and mid-December 2022, amid expectations of a more marked tightening of monetary policy, “longer-term interest rates grew, overall, only slightly” and “spreads on government bonds narrowed” . In the Economic Bulletin, the ECB dwells on the performance of Italy and Greece, which seems … Read more

Kurdish protests continue in Paris, new clashes between demonstrators and police: 11 arrests – World

Kurdish protests continue in Paris new clashes between demonstrators and

Eleven people were arrested today after clashes with police on the sidelines of a demonstration in Paris in homage to the three Kurds killed yesterday near a Kurdish cultural center in the French capital. This was announced by the prefect of police of the capital Laurent Nuñez. People were arrested “mainly for damages,” Nuñez indicated. … Read more

“Laughable numbers”. If the relocations continue to be a flop

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

The escalation of tones began yesterday with the French government spokesman Oliver Véran who, after pressure from the EU Commission to disembark the migrants recovered from the ship Ocean Viking, had accused Italy of behaving in an “unacceptable” way, asking Rome to “play its role” and “respect European commitments” by taking charge of the 230 … Read more

Superintendencies continue to hinder the energy transition – Il Post

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Following the significant increase in the price of energy, the government has introduced new rules to facilitate the energy transition. Regions and Municipalities have tried to do the same with the aim of catching up on the delay accumulated in the last ten years, when after the considerable initial investments in renewable sources there was … Read more

Russian state TV: «After the Moskva and the Kerch bridge, our symbols will continue to strike. The last one is Putin: we remain united to defend him »- The video

Russian state TV After the Moskva and the Kerch bridge

During the Saturday evening broadcast of Russian state TV, Solovyov Livetalking to the guests in the studio of theexplosion that hit the bridge over the Kerch Strait between Crimea And Russiaused by Fly for the transport of weapons, ammunition and for the dispatch of troops to the regions of Zaporizhzhia he was born in Chersonthe … Read more

Animal welfare, the report: “The largest fast food companies continue to fail to respect their commitments on chicken health” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Some of the biggest brands of international fast food continue to fail to respect the commitments made regarding the protection of the welfare of chickens used for their meat and involved within the chain of supplying. The association reveals it World Animal Protectionin the annual report ‘The Pecking Order‘, published in collaboration with Animal Equality … Read more

In Amsterdam, discussions continue to ban coffee shops for tourists – Il Post

On Wednesday, the city council of Amsterdam will vote on a proposal to temporarily ban tourists from coffee shops, the city’s famous places where marijuana is sold and consumed freely. It is not expected that the motion will pass, but to support it is the same mayor Femke Halsema, center-left, according to which the ban … Read more

Napoli-Turin, the prediction: Kvaratskhelia to continue the unbeaten run

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Juric has never won with Spalletti who wants to confirm himself in command after the break. Kvara, Raspadori and Lozano shone in the national team Napoli-Torino opens the eighth day of Serie A. It is the turn to return from the break, the one with a thousand surprises and results that you do not expect. … Read more

Great Britain, flurry of resignation in the conservative government but Boris Johnson goes on: “We will continue our work” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Great Britain flurry of resignation in the conservative government but

The government of Boris Johnson. There are about thirty figures of various levels of the British government to be discharged in protest against Johnson’s leadership. A broken executive overwhelmed by scandals and also abandoned by the 90 pieces of the cabinet Tory. Last in chronological order Michael Goveresponsible for the strategic portfolios of the Leveling … Read more

Russia has achieved its goal in Donbass: how will the conflict in Ukraine continue now?

The conquest of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk represents a political and military victory: significant developments marked by a series of points in a conflict full of variables The Russian conquest of Severodonetsk And Lysychansk represents a political and military victory. These are significant developments marked by a series of points in a still long conflict, full … Read more