One thousand extensions. Extension to 2023 for electronic prescriptions, contracts for new medical graduates and AIFA precarious workers. The decree in the Gazette

by GR The bodies responsible for the liquidation of the Italian Red Cross remain in office until the end of the liquidation and, in any case, no later than 31 December 2024. The methods of using alternative tools to the paper memo of the electronic prescription and the use at pharmacies of the memo of … Read more

Bills, the antitrust exonerates A2A: “I acted correctly on contracts”

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Do you want to advertise on this site? “On the basis of the documents acquired, it appears that the variations” of the contracts “regarded economic offers actually expiring”. The Antitrust exonerates A2A and revokes the precautionary measures towards the multi-utility. The investigation had been initiated by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) for alleged “unilateral … Read more

Bills, the government allows suppliers to raise rates for those with expiring contracts. Here’s how to defend yourself – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Finally takes the field the government to try to sort it out chaos over one-sided variations of electricity and gas tariffs proposed by companies to their users despite the prohibition set by the aid decree bis. However, the orientation is not at all in favor of the consumerssome of which indeed could be particularly damaged … Read more

Bills, green light to price increases for expired contracts: what changes with the sentence of the Council of State

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They risk increasing your gas and electricity bills. The Council of State has in fact accepted the appeal of the multiutility Iren – represented by lawyers Eugenio Bruti Liberati, Fausto Caronna and Roberto Bonsignore (Cleary Gottlieb) – against the Antitrust and in particular against the Antitrust provision which blocked the increases in electricity and gas … Read more

Spain, boom in permanent employment contracts in 2022 (+ 238%) after the reform desired by the government – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Spain boom in permanent employment contracts in 2022 238

The new labor market regulations introduced last March by Spanish government, in agreement with industrialists and trade unions, are generating a very strong growth in permanent employment contracts. Between January and November of this year the new contracts were over 6.5 millionagainst the approximately 1.9 million subscribed in the same period of the previous year: … Read more

“Dear bills, the modification of contracts is illegitimate”: the antitrust wand A2A

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Do you want to advertise on this site? Contracts could not be changed, even if they were about to expire. Because of this A2A ended up in the crosshairs of the Antitrust which started seven investigative proceedings against the main supplier companies of electricity and gas on the free market, representing about 80% of the … Read more

Light and gas bills, the Antitrust against changes to contracts. “For 2.6 million customers, unjustified increases”. Suppliers have to go back

Light and gas bills the Antitrust against changes to contracts

The Antitrust enters again, and heavily, on the matter of changes to electricity and gas contracts. A very sensitive issue for Italian families, in the light of bill flight which – since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine with the well-known consequences on inflation and energy prices – has jeopardized domestic budgets. L’Authority for … Read more

WindTre from 2024 will increase prices following inflation. The clause in all new contracts

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WindTre is the first telephone company to officially adjust the price for inflation. TIM, the CEO had already announced, will probably follow shortly. A bit like what happened later with the 28-day billing, it is possible that someone else will take the leap and adapt. What does it mean? That if inflation rises, the … Read more

Antitrust, change of electricity and gas contracts: investigation of 4 operators

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The Competition and Market Authority initiated four investigative proceedings – and as many precautionary sub-proceedings – against the companies Iren, Iberdrola, E.on and Dolomiti, suppliers of electricity and natural gas on the free market, for alleged unilateral unilateral changes in the supply price. The proposals to change the electricity and natural gas supply price have … Read more

The electricity and gas suppliers who close their contracts early – Il Post

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In recent weeks, various companies supplying electricity and natural gas have communicated to their customers the early termination of contracts, due to the increase in costs due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the market functioning mechanisms of this raw material. However, unilateral termination of contracts does not mean that homes and … Read more