INPS contributions: the effects of the increase in the legal interest rate on civil penalties

The legal interest rate has risen to 5 percent from 1 January 2023. INPS circular no. 2 clarifies the effects of this change on the calculation of civil penalties for non-payment of contributions and on pension and social security benefits L’INPS through the circular no. 2 of 4 January 2023 takes stock of the effects … Read more

Interest rate and INPS contributions: the ECB’s decision has repercussions on deferments, deferral and penalties

Following the ECB’s decision, INPS provides indications on raising interest rates for deferral and postponement operations, which reach 8.5 per cent. Civil penalties will increase to 8 percent. The new rates will apply from 21 December or from the month of December 2022 After the decision of the Central European Bank of last December 15, … Read more

Non-repayable contributions coming, but watch the timing: when to submit the application

Non repayable contributions coming but watch the timing when to submit

Good news for many who will benefit from important non-repayable grants, but watch out for the timing. Here is when to apply. Soon many, as long as they meet certain requirements, will be eligible for non-repayable contributions. But who is entitled to it and by when do you have to submit a specific request? So … Read more

Bonus 2022, guide to contributions: from air conditioners to windows, from psychologist to TV. And there is also the contribution for those who adopt a dog

Now there are so many that every time we are about to incur a not exactly irrelevant expense, it is good to check if it falls within one of the numerous bonuses launched in recent years. From the dishwasher to the air conditioner, from the plants for the garden to the taps, from petrol to … Read more

New non-repayable contributions are coming | Bonus up to € 10,000: here’s how to apply

New non repayable contributions are coming Bonus up to E

New grants are on the way. It will be possible to apply until June 20: here is who they are for and how to do it. On May 3, the Revenue Agency approved the model for submitting the application for new non-repayable grants. It will be possible to submit the application starting from June 6th, … Read more

Here is what pension you will be entitled to at the age of 67 with only 20 years of contributions paid

There are many workers who are wondering what will be the amount of the pension that will be due to them, at the age of 67. And many, mistakenly, think that it is enough to have 20 years of contributions to be entitled to a check that equals the last salary but unfortunately this is … Read more