NASA, the Christ of Rio, Wembley: the planetary tribute to Pelé. The tweets from Argentina, the social controversies

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Of Pierfrancesco Catucci On Monday the wake in the Santos stadium, on Tuesday the procession through the city and the private funeral. All Italian football will observe a minute of silence Even Diego Armando Maradona would have celebrated it properly, if he had still been with us. Between genes, on the other hand, once you … Read more

Alba Parietti: this is how Versace inspired | The “third wheel” and controversies emerge –

Alba Parietti this is how Versace inspired The third

In the 90s, his was the sexiest cross on Italian television. Here she is together with two real champions 61 years old, but continues to be the envy of much younger women, for his fearsome physique, for his sensuality. Alba Parietti, moreover, has always been a sexy bomb. It should therefore come as no surprise … Read more