Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi towards the separation agreement. Him: “It’s going to cost me a lot…”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

A joke from the footballer in the locker room of an 8-a-side football championship game suggests a possible understanding with Ilary «It will cost me a lot, but now with Ilary everything settles down»: is the joke of Francesco Totti made between friends behind closed doors on the sidelines of the match Roma-Weese Totti Soccer … Read more

Francesco Totti, the agreement with Ilary Blasi is possible: “But it will cost me a lot”

Francesco Totti the agreement with Ilary Blasi is possible But

01 December 2022 09:42 The ex-footballer confided in the locker room after an eight-a-side football match Francesco Totti and the new life with Noemi BocchiEverything has a price, and Francesco Totti knows it well. The separation from Ilary Blasi will certainly have a high one, both in human and economic terms, but he seems to … Read more


Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Convenience and energy saving are undoubted advantages but what does it take to make a home 2.0? How invasive are the surgeries? How much? What needs to change and what can stay instead? After automating the attic that you will surely remember, I asked Nice for my parents’ house as well.. here’s how it went. … Read more

The Milan-Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less than a low cost one

The Milan Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class seats The only problem with this Barcelona-Milan Malpensa flight which lasts so little, about an hour and twenty minutes, that you can’t see an entire first-run film such as Bullet train, Nope or Minions can be found in the in-flight entertainment system. But enough cabin crew to get a … Read more

Black Friday 2022: Travel and Low Cost Flights to Buy on the Weekend of November 25th

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Black Friday has arrived. Today (and probably throughout the weekend) you can buy flights at reduced prices to travel in 2023.It’s important to start getting an idea of ​​what you can buy on the crazy sales day and what the discounts will be to plan the holidays of next year. On the occasion of Black … Read more

Putin and the Russian retreat from Kherson that could cost him his life. “Since that day he has lived in fear”

The withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territories is giving the president of the Federation, Vladimir, a bad time Putin. So much so that from the entourage of Ukrainian President Zelensky they believe that the tsar now lives in fear. Earlier this month, the Russia announced his retirement from the region of Khersonmarking one of … Read more

The best of Black Friday Week: constantly updated list with LG OLED TVs, Samsung super SSDs, Low Cost PCs and tablets, Samsung special offers and much more

1669050341 The best of Black Friday Week constantly updated list with

Amazon Black Friday Week, let’s go! Here is our selection of best offers. For convenience, here are the links of the specific categories with all the products and not just a selection. All TVs on offer here. All super discounted floor cleaning robots here. All smartphones here. … Read more

Dear energy: how much does it cost to play an hour of PlayStation?

Dear energy how much does it cost to play an

The high energy price has generated some alarmism, sometimes justified, sometimes less so, but with a view to reducing consumption and bill costs, it is easy to imagine that one is tempted to bring down the hatchet on less essential activities, such as gaming. Playing video games requires at least a console, a PC and … Read more

LIVE MN – Pillon: “For the clubs, the restructuring of San Siro is not a feasible hypothesis. Capacity? Reassurance on the cost of tickets and season tickets”

LIVE MN Pillon For the clubs the restructuring of Friends of, today at 12 the coordinator Andrea Pillon will present the final report following the ten meetings that have been held in the last two months on the Milan and Inter project for the new San Siro in the municipality of Milan. Through our live text you can follow Pillon’s statements. 12.11 … Read more