Watch out for costs, this is what happens to historical current accounts

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

The rise in interest rates in the Eurozone is not having any effect on remuneration as regards i current accounts open in our country. But what specifically is the trend recorded in Italy? According to the most recent report by Abi, in October the average rate on current accounts, savings deposits and certificates of deposit … Read more

The NYT: «A day of war in Ukraine costs as much as 30 in Afghanistan. Born almost to the edge”

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

from Online editorial staff The news of Monday 28 November, live. The investigation by the US newspaper: After nine months of conflict, the economic efforts of the US and NATO are considered to be almost at the limit • The war in Ukraine reached the 275th day.• Kiev evokes poisoning for the sudden disappearance of … Read more

Most expensive drug in the world, what it is for and how much it costs

A drug capable of being able to cure one rare genetic disease but paying Millions of dollars. Hemgenix is a latest generation drug, approved on November 22 by the fda (Food and drug administration), the US regulatory agency, produced by the pharmaceutical company CSL Behring. The drug is the result of long years of research … Read more

Christian De Sica, do you know what car he has? It’s small and it costs very little | You could have it too –

Christian De Sica do you know what car he has

Our in-depth study of celebrities and cars continues. Christian De Sica is our next protagonist of this column. The actor is the son of art and inherited from his father Vittorio, also rich and successful, the passion for cars. What car will you drive every day? And how many will he have in the garage? … Read more

The Milan-Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less than a low cost one

The Milan Barcelona flight with a luxury plane that costs less

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class seats The only problem with this Barcelona-Milan Malpensa flight which lasts so little, about an hour and twenty minutes, that you can’t see an entire first-run film such as Bullet train, Nope or Minions can be found in the in-flight entertainment system. But enough cabin crew to get a … Read more

LG, the top-of-the-range smart TV costs half: an unmissable offer

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

When looking for thevisual excellence in the smart TV sector there is only one category to look into: that of televisions with OLED panels. The realism and level of detail guaranteed by this technology is, at the moment, unattainable by any other on the market. And LG, in this sector, knows (almost) no rivals. The … Read more

Iliad and Black Friday: here is the FLASH 120 which costs less and has more gigabytes! All offers and prices

Black Friday is upon us and Iliad decides to anticipate the times proposing its flagship offer namely the FLASH 120 which provides the beauty of 120GB under the 4G network at a price never seen before, i.e. €7.99 per month at no extra cost and forever. Its price was usually €9.99, therefore a saving of … Read more

Citroen, here is the definitive suv: it looks like a lamborghini Urus but it costs very little | A feast for the eyes –

Citroen here is the definitive suv it looks like a

Do you dream of a sporty SUV with an aggressive line similar to that of the top supercar brands such as Lamborghini Urus or Ferrari Purosangue? Can’t afford them? No problem: you can fall back on Citroën C4 X, the new SUV of the French house which is coming soon with a decidedly aggressive line … Read more

Moulinex, the air fryer costs very little: unmissable discount

Moulinex the air fryer costs very little unmissable discount

Not just frying. The rapid evolution that is affecting air fryers is making these small appliances real all-rounders in the kitchen. In fact, the latest generation models use heat not only to fry without oil, but also to grill and toast ingredients and dishes of all kinds. If you want to stay updated in real … Read more

Samsung, this 55 ”smart TV costs very little: sensational discount

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

A sensational offer that anticipates the start of the offers of the Black Friday on Amazon (set for November 18, here a guide on how to follow the event without missing a single promo). What are we talking about? Of the offer that we find on the Samsung smart TV AU7190 available on the e-commerce … Read more