Expert, crucial to treat neuroinflammation from Covid – Salute & Benessere

Treating neuroinflammation caused by Covd-19 to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. It is the approach to follow according to Arianna Di Stadio, neuroscientist Professor at the University of Catania and honorary researcher at the Neuroinflammation Laboratory of UCL Queen Square Neurology in London, also on the basis of a recent study published in the journal Nature. The … Read more

«Xi, resign»: hymns and white papers, anger explodes in Covid zero China. A BBC journalist arrested

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from Guido Santevecchi Protests are rampant in Beijing, Shanghai and dozens of universities. Clashes with the police, while new records of infections are recorded in the country. BBC reporter arrested Night vigils, processions, crowd gatherings: civil disobedience and protest erupted in the cities of China still forced into the health lockdown by the authorities chasing … Read more

Like Area 51: the Umbrian hospital still in a Covid frenzy – Claudio Romiti

Inspired by the last video of Mario Giordano published on these pages, which basically denounces the Pilates immobility in de facto decreeing the end of any health restriction, I would like to tell an unpleasant story of ordinary viral madness that occurred to me a few days ago at the entrance to a public hospital … Read more

How to distinguish Covid from the flu, comparing symptoms and treatments

Winter is coming alive. After a month of October accompanied by good weather and mild temperatures, things have rapidly changed since November. The rain and the cold, especially in the evening hours, are gradually appearing. This is obviously leading to a recovery in the circulation of COVID-19. This is demonstrated by the cases of new … Read more

From Beijing to Shanghai population exhausted by health checks: in China the Zero Covid strategy causes more deaths than the virus – Il Fatto Quotidiano

From Beijing to Shanghai population exhausted by health checks in

“We don’t want i testwe want the freedom”; “Communist Party resign! Xi Jinping resign!”. On Saturday night hundreds of people marched along Urumqi Roadthe avenue of Shanghai which takes its name from the capital of the Xinjiang where ten people died in a fire on Thursday. In the autonomous region of China for years le … Read more

Covid, the Order’s move against no vax doctors – Claudio Romiti

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

In terms of vaccines, alias elixir of life, we are at the apotheosis of the orthodox doctor. A professional who believes in scientific dogma imposed from above, for the benefit of politicians and drug manufacturers chasing electoral and economic profits, and who is about to swear by new bible of the next Code of ethics … Read more

Covid, the epidemiologist Stefania Salmaso: «Underreported cases. The mask is needed, like the fourth dose”

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

from Margaret DeBac «There is no need to worry, but we continue to maintain a certain degree of attention at all times. Many tampons in homes, higher numbers” «It is not the case of worrybut we continue to always maintain a certain degree of attention» he plays down Stephanie Salmaso, milestone of AIE, the Association … Read more

Covid re-infection: increase the risk of death and future health problems. And every contagion is worse

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from Silvia Turin Taking Covid (still) hurts: twice as likely to die and 3 times more likely to end up in hospital in the following 6 months. Study on a group of US veterans. The vaccine also protects against reinfection The repeated infections from SARS-CoV-2 viruses can increase the risk of serious health problems (organ … Read more

Covid, to each his own symptom. And sometimes it’s really unusual

Covid to each his own symptom And sometimes its really

Do you have a strange Covid symptom? You are not the only one. Between jagged tongues, chilblains on the fingers, red bruises, swollen eyes and hair loss, we discovered the hard way that Covid has many faces and can also manifest itself with very unusual symptoms, not typically caused by respiratory viruses. No one knows … Read more

Covid and (aggressive) flu: what can we expect for the next few weeks?

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from Laura Cuppini Bonanni (Societ di Igiene): For the flu we are at a level of incidence that is usually found around the first week of January: we are almost two months early SARS-CoV-2 continues to circulate (and change) ei flu viruses they made their appearance, immediately showing themselves to be quite aggressive. A difficult … Read more