Covid and chronic fatigue, one in three infected is affected: here’s why (and how to fight it)

1674935066 Covid and chronic fatigue one in three infected is affected

Discovered the mechanism of action that leads to the state of fatigueor disabling exhaustion, related to LongCovid which affects 1 in 3 people infected with SARS-CoV-2: is triggered by a deficiency of arginine, an amino acid naturally produced by the body. This is demonstrated by a study on long Covid conducted by the Agostino Gemelli … Read more

Covid, WHO: Kraken variant is no longer serious

1674762145 Covid WHO Kraken variant is no longer serious

More immunoevasive and transmissible, but not more serious. The evidence on the variant of Sars-CoV-2 baptized Kraken on social media, i.e. Omicron XBB.1.5, is strengthened. And these are the qualities that now appear to be more accurately looming, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) assessment of the risk posed by this mutant, reported … Read more

Gimbe, Covid in decline. In 7 days -38.2% of cases and -25.7% of victims – Health & Wellness

Gimbe Covid in decline In 7 days 382 of cases

New cases, hospitalizations (-16.8%) and victims of Covid (-25.7%) in Italy fall by 38.2%. The independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation detects in the week 6-12 January 2023, compared to the previous one, a decrease in new cases (84,060 compared to 135,977) and deaths (576 compared to 775). Currently positive cases are also decreasing (353,643 … Read more

Flight of doctors, Covid, expensive bills and few funds: “Health care one step away from the crash”

Flight of doctors Covid expensive bills and few funds Health

Listen to the audio version of the article Almost three years of a pandemic that swept hospitals like a tsunami, now also grappling with expensive bills that eat up a large part of the extra funds from the maneuver. Added to this is the chronic shortage of personnel with doctors and nurses fleeing the most … Read more

Covid. ECDC: “Kraken variant could become predominant in the EU but risk on the general population is currently assessed as low”

The European Center for Disease Control has issued a note with the evaluation of the new subvariant. “For now on the general population the risk is assessed as low while the risk is moderate to high for vulnerable people such as the elderly and unvaccinated and immunocompromised people, depending on their immunity. There are currently … Read more

Covid. WHO: “Yes to masks indoors in crowded places regardless of the local epidemiological situation. Paxlovid also for pregnant women”. Here are the new guidelines

Masks are recommended after recent exposure to Covid, when a person has or suspects they have Covid, when a person is at high risk for severe Covid, and for anyone in a crowded, enclosed, or poorly ventilated space. Pregnant or breastfeeding women with non-severe Covid should consult their doctor about whether to take Paxlovid, given … Read more

Covid, Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends masks indoors – Health & Wellness

1673666788 Covid Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends

Kraken extends its tentacles in Europe. Appeared in the United States, where it has already spread widely, the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant named after a legendary sea monster has crossed the Atlantic and could become dominant in the Old Continent “in the next one or two months”. This is the prediction of the European Center for … Read more

Drug shortage. Palù (Aifa): “There is no real alarm”. Anti Covid vaccines: “60-70% over 60 did not receive the fourth dose, it is good that he does”

“The fourth dose is not only 90% effective in preventing mortality but also in limiting the spread of the virus”, recalled the president Aifa speaking to SkyTg24. As for the shortage of medicines: “The shortage is an objective fact, but Italy is one step ahead of the others. There is no real alarm, also because … Read more

Discovered a new organism that feeds on viruses. Pregliasco: “Turn our knowledge upside down, in 10 years we will defeat viruses, including Covid” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Discovered a new organism that feeds on viruses Pregliasco Turn

To eradicate viruses, perhaps the best solution is to feed them? It could be the synthesis of the discovery made by the professor’s studies John DeLong of the American University Nebraska-Lincoln. With his research, DeLong has in fact identified a microorganism that loves to feed on viruses. His team analyzed some freshwater samples from a … Read more

China, satellite images reveal the increase in activity in the country’s crematoria overwhelmed by the new wave of Covid

China satellite images reveal the increase in activity in the

Scenes that seem to bring to mind the 2020. Three years after 11 January, when the first victim of atypical pneumonia caused by a “mysterious virus” derived from a strain of CoronavirusBeijing is faced – again – with a dramatic increase in the services provided by funeral home in the country. This was revealed by … Read more