Tiredness, depression and anxiety, Covid-19 is to blame: a study measured the consequences of the disease

Tiredness depression and anxiety Covid 19 is to blame a study

Fatigue, depression and anxiety as well as other health problems show up even 6 months after contracting the virus. Scientists are discovering more and more side effects due to Covid-19. Let’s talk about effects long-termnamed “Long-Covid”. InformationToday This serious disease, which has changed our lives on multiple aspectsstill has some surprises in store for us. … Read more

Is it flu or Covid-19? Here’s how to distinguish the symptoms and what to look out for

1668043858 Is it flu or Covid 19 Heres how to distinguish the

Autumn has arrived, albeit with temperatures above average. If we feel unwell, it is normal to wonder if it is flu or Covid. This year will be the “Great comeback” of seasonal flu. After almost 3 years of Covid, here he reappears at our doors, and to avoid fears and fears we can learn to … Read more

Covid19, Opi Firenze-Pistoia asks for the abolition of the health vaccination obligation

Covid19 Opi Firenze Pistoia asks for the abolition of the health

The Order chaired by David Nucci sent a detailed letter to the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, to the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci and to the President of Fnopi, Barbara Mangicavalli, submitting to them a series of numerous critical issues identified on the application of the legislation in theme of vaccination obligation of health personnel … Read more

Self-declaration Aid Covid-19, simplification has arrived

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As strongly advocated by the accountants, in the end the cd. “Communication of Covid-19 State Aid”, or the “Substitutive declaration of notorious deed of compliance with the requirements referred to in sections 3.1 and 3.12 of the Temporary Framework for aid measures to support the economy in the epidemiological emergency from covid- 19 “, has … Read more

Covid-19, the emergency is over but the consequences of the disease are not, here are the latest findings

Covid 19 the emergency is over but the consequences of the

For some time, researchers have emphasized the consequences of the disease triggered by Covid-19. An emergency is over but another could come. We would all like leave Covid behind and to think that the terrible disease has been defeated, even if it is still present. Unfortunately Scientists have long understood that there are long-lasting side … Read more

Covid-19, a study reveals the origin of the new variants: the results useful for containing infections

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) reveals that many variants of SARS-CoV-2 are likely to form in chronic COVID-19 patients suffering from immunosuppression. Researchers suggest that a weakened antibody response, particularly in the lower airways of these chronic patients, can prevent full recovery from the virus and cause the virus to mutate many … Read more

Covid-19: thyroid damage even after a year of infection, a study says and concerns are growing

Covid 19 thyroid damage even after a year of infection a

Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease that has been affecting the whole world for two years with serious consequences on health. Long Covid Syndrome is the consequence that the disease has on the health of people who have contracted the virus, with a long-term consequence. In an article we wrote about the so-called “Mental fog” … Read more

Covid-19 State Aid self-declaration, instructions and deadline: training event on June 23rd

The Covid-19 State Aid self-declaration expiring on 30 June 2022 is the central theme of the free webinar organized by TeamSystem and Informazione Fiscale, scheduled for Thursday 23 June at 3 pm Focus of the training event the operational indications for the compilation of the model and electronic submission. It will be theCovid-19 state aid … Read more