It crashed on Earth, and we saw it: here’s what happened

It crashed on Earth and we saw it heres what

Every year, many meteorites hit the Earth (and even more they disintegrate in contact with the atmosphere): none of them has ever represented a real danger, but predict its impact it could be important in order not to find us unprepared in a remote future in which, however, humanity should be at risk. For this … Read more

The Dart probe crashed (on purpose) on the asteroid Dimorphos: what it means and why it is a success

The Dart probe crashed on purpose on the asteroid Dimorphos

NASA’s Dart probe impacted the asteroid Dimorphos, representing a real turning point for the defense of the planet from threats By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 09-27-2022 08:08 27 In the night between 26 and 27 September, science has taken another fundamental step in progress, in terms of defense of the planet. There space probe Dart … Read more

Drunk driving makes a crazy bang with the Tesla: literally crashed

Drunk driving makes a crazy bang with the Tesla literally

A Tesla owner was drunk while driving when he crashed, blaming the automatic driving of his car. Drunk driving crashes and blames the autopilot We are in the streets now get used to it to see everything, perhaps only this was missing. The owner of a Tesla entered the automatic driving modeto be taken home, … Read more

Chinese plane crashed, the truth after the analysis of the black boxes: “Intentionally crashed by someone in the cabin”

It crashed into the mountains because someone intentionally swooped it towards the ground. This would be the cause of the plane crash that occurred in China last March 21, when a Boeing 737 with 132 people on board fell into a vertical descent at the speed of sound, pulverizing in 50 thousand pieces on rough … Read more