Retro Gadgets, the preview of an ultra creative sandbox

Retro Gadgets the preview of an ultra creative

We bought a lot of gadgets. Our homes are full of more (few) or less (many) useful appliances that have the sole purpose of … they will surely have some purpose, the fact is that they are often beautiful and, therefore, why not? But why not make our own, even if only virtual, and share … Read more

How to create a bathroom cabinet or bedside table in a few steps with these creative ideas and using recycled materials

It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money to renovate any room in the house. Completely revolutionizing a room inevitably takes time and money, sure. Sometimes, however, a few pieces of design are enough to completely change the face of our home. An original piece of furniture to be placed in the living room or … Read more

Not just super weapons: the “creative” solutions used by Kiev and Moscow

Vladimir Putin talks about super weapons, but it does not always correspond to what is seen in Ukraine. In fact, on the battlefield there is everything: novelties such as drone-kamikaze, traditional equipment, but also simple and effective solutions. M777 The abbreviation indicates the American 155 mm gun shipped in a hurry to Kiev. Towable, it … Read more