110 percent bonus, jobs started and never finished: 15 people scammed. “70 thousand euros of phantom tax credit”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

MESTRE – There are those who found the house with half plaster with the coat and half demolished, interrupted just as the facade began to have a new look. Who the scaffolding assembled and then abandoned for months, who the new boiler, purchased with the mirage of energy saving, installed but not working and who … Read more

Bills bonus for companies based on actual consumption: how to calculate the tax credit

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The bill bonus recognized to businesses is calculated taking into account actual consumption. Therefore, to determine the tax credit that can be used as compensation, one does not look at the estimated ones. The clarifications of the Revenue Agency in circular letter no. 25 / E / 2022. Bonus billstime to calculations for beneficiary companies … Read more

The credit recovery notices have the same nature as the assessment documents

Notices of recovery of unlawfully compensated tax credits: they have the same nature as the assessment documents. It follows that in the event of an appeal, the amounts due are entered on a provisional roll in the amount of a third party. This was established by the Court of Cassation with Ordinance number 23289 of … Read more

Superbonus 110: in the new Revenue guide the news on credit assignments

Superbonus 110 percent: the Revenue Agency updates the subsidy guide, based on the latest news. Among these, the document of June 22, 2022 illustrates the changes regarding the assignment of credit but also the extension for single-family homes. Super bonus 110 percentfind space in the new one guide of the Revenue Agency the latest news … Read more

Emotet malware now steals credit cards from Google Chrome users: the details – Cyber ​​Security 360

Emotet malware now steals credit cards from Google Chrome users

Researchers on the team Proofpoint Threat Insights have identified a new business of malware Emotet. His botnet would make a comeback with a module specifically designed for collect credit card information stored in Google Chrome user profiles. The new Emotet module Since many users, for convenience, save data such as credit card number and CVC … Read more

The scam that affects our credit cards: beware of that message

The scam that affects our credit cards beware of that

The almost perfect scam, the condition that pushes the user to act safely without the slightest doubt of the short circuit. The last times they do nothing but tell us about scams and deceptions that are mostly consumed through the net. A universe without apparent borders in which it is possible to confront and approach … Read more

Beware of the fake authentication app – aim for the credit card

THE Italian cybercriminals they have become very skilled, so much so that they carry out a campaign of attack against the customers of Nexi SpA extremely refined. So refined that it even amazes d3Labthe Tuscan cybersecurity company that discovered the campaign and reported to Google themalicious app used by hackers to steal the Nexi payment … Read more

Superbonus, banks stop to assign credit. Cna: “33,000 companies now at risk”

Too many requests and the banks are now tightening their ties on credits deriving from building bonuses. In the days when the news came out that for the Superbonus 110% the available funds have run out, many customers are receiving letters and phone calls from their credit institutions informing them that they will no longer … Read more

Credit transfer, the blockade puts 33,000 companies at risk: Tax drawer full, “pockets” empty

Credit transfer, 33,000 companies at risk due to the blockade due to a series of anti-fraud measures. The data comes from CNA, which highlights the practical effects of the measures envisaged regarding super bonuses and home bonuses. Over 60,000 artisan businesses with firm credits in the tax drawer and consequent liquidity problems. Credit assignment33,000 le … Read more

Superbonus 110%, all the news (and deadlines) on works and credit transfer: the guide

There are 5 billion credits linked to the super bonus waiting for acceptance. The data – made available by the web platform of the Revenue Agency and communicated by the undersecretary to Mef Maria Cecilia Guerra in the Finance Commission of the Senate – confirms two things: the superbonus for the energy efficiency works of … Read more