Alberto Matano, sad memory after the announcement: creepy moments live –

Alberto Matano sad memory after the announcement creepy moments live

Alberto Matano and the sad memory after the announcement that left everyone speechless: truly creepy moments, here’s the reason He is one of the conductors who has left an indelible mark on the history of Italian television of all time, Alberto Matano. The man, in addition to being at the helm of his show Live … Read more

Unforgettable Paolo Rossi: creepy tribute, impossible not to cry –

Unforgettable Paolo Rossi creepy tribute impossible not to cry

The memory of Paolo Rossi is still very strong and full of emotions. The great and unforgettable Pablito, hero of the 1982 Mundial, that all Italian fans will always carry in their hearts. It’s been almost two years now since Paolo Rossi there is no more. for months theItaly whole cried moved by the sudden … Read more

F1, mourning at Mercedes: the team’s creepy homage arrives

F1 mourning at Mercedes the teams creepy homage arrives

Mercedes has announced that it will pay tribute to an important member of the team who passed away prematurely last weekend. The Mercedes team has chosen to remember Anthony Lane, a prominent figure in the garage of the Teutonic house. The boy was from 1996 and had grown up on the three-pointed star talent program. … Read more

Scorn: We played it, it’s creepy and sick!

Scorn We played it its creepy and sick

In a wasteland, rotting and rotting, an imposing fortress rises up masses of blood, entrails and corpses. A non-place, out of time and space, of which we cannot know anything, except that we are in a place where life has liquefied between pipes, cables, machinery and biomechanical gears, enslaved only to feed the beating robotic … Read more

Elenoire Ferruzzi, are your very long nails real? The truth is creepy – Show only

1663634296 Elenoire Ferruzzi are your very long nails real The truth

Elenoire Ferruzzi is a transsexual showgirl and artist who defines herself on her Instagram profile as a “public figure, showgirl, actress, singer and gay icon”. And – in fact – on the Web she has been able to give vent to all these facets of her. She now she is ready to become the star … Read more