Covid. WHO: “Yes to masks indoors in crowded places regardless of the local epidemiological situation. Paxlovid also for pregnant women”. Here are the new guidelines

Masks are recommended after recent exposure to Covid, when a person has or suspects they have Covid, when a person is at high risk for severe Covid, and for anyone in a crowded, enclosed, or poorly ventilated space. Pregnant or breastfeeding women with non-severe Covid should consult their doctor about whether to take Paxlovid, given … Read more

Before La Scala, Boris Godunov is a triumph: 13 minutes of applause for the Russian opera which thus banishes the controversy. The royal box is crowded with Meloni, Mattarella and von der Leyen – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

The teacher Riccardo Chailly he has his wand ready. He is immobile in his concentration as he looks up at the Royal Box. At 18.06 he starts the Mameli anthem. Silence in the room. Music. Then more applause and then it’s Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. At 18.11 Chailly lowers his gaze. He almost seems like … Read more