Three men and an algorithm: those 100 million in cryptocurrencies “disappeared” between Veneto and Dubai

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“I received death and kidnapping threats… I went to report to the postal police… Christian? We had lived together for about a year in Dubai but I returned to Italy on 25 June … no I didn’t work with him … I don’t know what he did … people call me thinking I know something … Read more

“I lost 900 thousand euros with cryptocurrencies: I wanted to kill myself”

I lost 900 thousand euros with cryptocurrencies I wanted to

TREVISO – «They pulled the rope to the last, promising stellar returns. And I have given fund to the savings of a life, more than 900 thousand euros. Without cashing a single cent. In the darkest moments I even thought about killing myselfnow I expect justice ». Investments in cryptocurrencies and online commerce: land of … Read more

The chronicles increasingly link cryptocurrencies to criminal actions

The chronicles increasingly link cryptocurrencies to criminal actions

An idea and a vision to illuminate the financial future. So in 2008, after one devastating economic crisishe had imagined the use of cryptocurrencies that is peer to peer virtual currencies. It was supposed to be a revolution, but 14 years later, digital money that is not traceable (except through transactions) shows more shadows than … Read more

Inflation, the savings of Italians under attack: from mortgages to cryptocurrencies, all the traps to avoid

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Record inflation, which has not been seen for fifty years, puts Italians’ savings at risk, including mortgages, current accounts, rents and government bonds. And the thorniest chapter concerns Bitcoin and companions. ActionsThe stock market drifts on the war, “but SMEs are resisting”The first six months of 2022 were much heavier than expectations. The overall balance … Read more

Scam with cryptocurrencies to the VIPs of Northern Rome, the Hu coin wizards “disappeared with all the money”

There is a new suspected scam that stirs the nights and corrodes the liver of an army of investors who, instead of entrusting their savings to authorized credit channels, have become involved in a pyramid of chain investments, focusing on deposits of cryptocurrencies that promise “safe” if not amazing returns. In the circles of North … Read more

Bill Gates demolishes cryptocurrencies and NFTs: because they are based on the “theory of the most foolish”

That Bill Gates was not a fan of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies it is well known: on several occasions the billionaire founder of Microsoft has lashed out against the virtual currency, also explaining why does not invest in cryptocurrencies. But now, as the entire cryptocurrency industry is suffering, exposed to a flurry of downside, with Bitcoin … Read more

Capital Gains Generated Using Cryptocurrencies: When Do You Pay Tax?

The taxation of capital gains of cryptocurrencies is a very delicate issue, on which there are still many questions today. Given the volatility of the assets in question, this is an aspect that should never be underestimated. It is obvious to remember that the sales of cryptocurrencies do not always generate capital gains, indeed: just … Read more

Home for sale in cryptocurrencies in Milan: here’s where it is (and how much it costs)

For the first time in Italy there is a house for sale in cryptocurrencies. The apartment is located in Milan and its value equal to 940 thousand euros, but it will also be possible to win it by paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum (at this link the announcement of the property for sale). The communication … Read more

The collapse of the Earth and the Moon: a very hard lesson for the “naive” of cryptocurrencies

Dramatic hours for the world of cryptocurrencies where in a few hours the collapse of theEarth ecosystemthe second most important project in the world in the field of decentralized finance. The Earth ecosystem was developed from the Korean Terra Labs. Its founder Do Kwon has become a real celebrity in the crypto world. moon And … Read more

Here are the rates of Elimobile, the telephone operator that combines influencers, metaverse and cryptocurrencies

Here are the rates of Elimobile the telephone operator that

EliMobile, a ambitious Italian virtual operator born from the collaboration between Mario Colabufo and the eclectic entrepreneur and YouTuber Gianluca Vacchi. EliMobile aims to combine telephony, crypto-currency and metaverse services in a single platform and from today it is possible, on official sitebook the rechargeable SIM. We can take a preview look at … Read more