The crisis of digital currencies and “stablecoins” spreads. Monetary authorities worried. El Salvador, country of bitcoin, towards default – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The crisis of digital currencies and stablecoins spreads Monetary authorities

In what is becoming a troubling Domino effect also the “stablecoin” Tether broke its dollar parity by falling to 96 cents. Stablecoins are digital currencies theoretically designed to remain stable, as the name implies, and not be subject to the strong fluctuations of traditional digital currencies such as bitcoin. This theoretical stability is pursued or … Read more

Earth and Moon “stablecoins” also collapse. Coinbase down by 23%. Growing fears about the universe of digital currencies – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Earth and Moon stablecoins also collapse Coinbase down by 23

They are called stablecoins but they don’t seem to be so stable. “Land” the digital currency that should ensure through an algorithm a 1 to 1 change with the dollar constant over time, it is now worth less than 30 cents. The “Moon” coin linked to “Earth” has lost as much as 83% in 24 … Read more

Digital currencies follow the equity markets with drops of more than 10% in one month. Bitcoin under $ 32,000 – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Digital currencies follow the equity markets with drops of more

Those who hoped and hoped for a de-correlation with equity indices, Nasdaq in particular, see the convictions matured in recent months waver. David Duong, Head of Research at Coinbase Global Inc., said that there are many adverse factors facing cryptocurrencies this year, including more aggressive central bank policies, as well as uncertainty about the path … Read more