Thirteenth, 25% cut due to taxes: the study by the Cgia of Mestre

Taxes will eat up 25% of the thirteenth of Italians. To say it is a study by the Cgia of Mestre, which denounces the cost of the economic crisis on thirteenths of Italian employees and pensioners. According to the study, which identifies the arrival of 47 billion euros in thirteenths, 11.4 billion euros will end … Read more

Amazon, layoffs also in sight in Italy. In the US, the group is preparing to cut 10,000 jobs – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1669244469 Amazon layoffs also in sight in Italy In the US

As they emerge hypothesis of around 10,000 layoffs (1% of the workforce) in Amazon’s corporate structure, especially in the US, cuts are also expected in foreign branches, including the Italian one. The vice president of Amazon Italy and Spain confirmed this to Ansa Mariangela Marseille which uses the expression “staffing adjustments”. “After having made so … Read more

Bills, stop to increases: perhaps a decline already this month. Light, 15-20% cut possible

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

More than the European roof, at least for now, it seems that the heat and the fact that the storages for the winter are now full. The fact is that for days the price of the gas continues to decline. The one traded on the Italian stock exchange, used to determine the prices of bills, … Read more

Bill to the stars: here is finally revealed the method to cut consumption, no one had ever told you before

Bill to the stars here is finally revealed the method

Bill to the stars: here is finally revealed the method to cut consumption once and for all, no one had ever told you before! In recent months, the phenomenon of the increase in the prices of raw materials, water, gas and energy has been at the center of news, economics and politics. Bills skyrocketing. Credits: … Read more

Opec, slap in the face of Biden: maxi cut on oil production. Moscow: “No crude oil with the price cap”

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

OPEC + has decided to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day as proposed by the cartel’s technical committee. That is double what had been announced in recent days, when a cut of one million barrels was hypothesized. The decision is a move by Russia to embarrass the United States and the West, … Read more

OPEC and Russia decide to cut oil production by two million barrels. The EU approves a ceiling on the price of Russian crude oil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

OPEC and Russia decide to cut oil production by two

Opec + has decided to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day (the global average daily consumption is approx 100 million barrels, ed) in the urgent meeting that was held today a Viennaheadquarters of the organization. The scissor kick was wanted by the most important member of the cartel of the producing countries … Read more

Bills, companies begin to cut electricity and gas: “Just skip a single installment, thousands of cases across the country”

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

Will it be a winter in the dark? What is certain is that the surge in bills it is not the only problem to be faced. In fact, it is accompanied by it cutting supplies, namely the sudden detachment from the network of defaulting customers by operators. An operation that, according to The print, would … Read more

Zuckerberg confirms staff cut, first in 18 years – Tlc

Meta (formerly Facebook) prepares for the first staff cut in its history, effectively putting an end to almost twenty years of uninterrupted growth. After recent rumors, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed to his employees that the company will freeze hiring and cut budgets for many of the company’s teams, a move that will lead to layoffs in … Read more

The de profundis of public health: in 10 years 111 hospitals closed, 37 thousand beds cut. Doctors to new government: “It will be mobilization” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Here it is the de profundis of public health: in ten years, between 2010 and 2020, it has lost 111 hospitals And 113 First aid. She has undergone the cut of 37 thousand beds and, despite the hires to deal with Covid-19, in the hospitals they are still missing the appeal 29 thousand professionalsi, of … Read more

Cut to the use of household appliances, from the washing machine to the hairdryer: which ones can be used and at what times

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

A remote weakening of the meter during peak hours. This will be the tool to force Italians to consume less energy and thus avoid a crisis with no return. This can be done with all utilities equipped with smart meters. For the others for now it is more a question of moral suasion, but it … Read more