Fontana (Lombardy): “In the last 10 years cuts in healthcare for 37 billion, it’s time to reverse the trend”

In the last ten years, explained the governor speaking in Pavia: “health care has been heavily penalised. The pandemic has taught us that it is necessary to invest in health again, in the interest of the citizens. It is an appeal that we launch to the new government”. The phrase at the conference that celebrated … Read more

Moody’s cuts G20 GDP estimates in 2023, Italy -1.4%

Listen to the audio version of the article Moody’s cuts its estimates of global GDP in 2023, with the growth of the G20 countries that will in fact stop at 1.3%, compared to the previous forecast of 2.1%, and slowing down compared to the + 2.5% expected this year. “Declining economic activity in advanced economies, … Read more

Twitter, Elon Musk could immediately start the staff cuts

Twitter Elon Musk could immediately start the staff cuts

October 30, 2022 11:05 am Removing employees before November 1 would allow the new owner of the platform to avoid paying their share premiums The sources did not provide details on the extent of the cuts. The company’s workforce currently employs around 7,500 people but according to rumors the divisions will be “more affected than … Read more

Bills, cuts from the maneuver: budget law of over 40 billion, 75% will go to aid to businesses and families

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The decision now seems to have been taken: to finance the budget law, the government will make more deficits. By creating a financial space of over 20 billion, at the service of a maneuver that will be focused on combating expensive bills. Three quarters of the available resources will be allocated to this item, which … Read more

iPhone 14 Plus, the model sells less than the others: Apple cuts production

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

High prices, the chip crisis and rising US interest rates among the main reasons, but also a month late arrival in stores Like every year, Apple ushered in the fall with a new line of smartphones, ready to conquer the market. But there is a model, among the four presented in September, which does not … Read more

Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the palace and cuts the costs of the coronation

Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the

Queen Elizabeth forgave her everything, even that the rats gnawed at her badly kept clothes, she had free access to the private rooms of the Palace and her influence was enormous. But from day to day her power crumbled and Carlo gave her the welcome firing her on the spot. We are talking about Angela … Read more

Truss cuts taxes (to the rich). Pound Sterling Falls, Inflation Takes Off: What Happens?

Truss cuts taxes to the rich Pound Sterling Falls Inflation

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss (Lapresse) The markets are swept by fear and great uncertainty, but investors are looking to the United Kingdom rather than post-election Italy, with the victory of the center-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni. Such a storm, with the collapse of the pound to its most basic levels ever … Read more

Refrigerator, the secret key that cuts your bill in half: hardly anyone knows

Refrigerator the secret key that cuts your bill in half

There is a secret fridge key that saves money on your bills. In such a delicate moment, isn’t it worth knowing and exploiting it? Fridge What would life be like without the refrigerator? This great invention for the preservation of food and drink has revolutionized the world. Yet there are still some people who … Read more

Brazil elections, here’s how Bolsonaro has reduced the disadvantage from Lula: benefits, fuel bonuses and excise duty cuts – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brazil elections heres how Bolsonaro has reduced the disadvantage from

Less than two months after the opening of the polls, when there is still a week left for the official start of the electoral campaign, the contest for the presidency of the Brazil is undoubtedly one sprint to two between the president in office, Jair Bolsonaroand the former head of state and leader of the … Read more