Cristina Comencini: «Dad with the actresses? He loved mom too much. My son Carlo Calenda was never still when he was little»

Cristina Comencini Dad with the actresses He loved mom too

Of Aldo Cazzullo The director: «I was in Lotta continua, I kept the children with my companions and my son Carlo Calenda played with them». «Mom died before she was ninety: she did not want to celebrate,“ let me go to dad ”. We cut the cake at the funeral.” Cristina ComenciniWhat is your earliest … Read more

Friends 22, Angelina Mango remembers her dad: “He was frank and kind”

Friends 22 Angelina Mango remembers her dad He was frank

In the daytime of Friends aired this afternoon, the audience from home got to know a little more Angelina Mango. Lorella Cuccarini, after summoning her to the rehearsal room, he showed her a clip where his dad was a guest in the talent show of Maria DeFilippi in 2006, when Angelina he was only 5 … Read more

Sophie Codegoni pregnant by Alessandro Basciano, the ultrasound video: “Mom and dad are waiting for you”

Sophie Codegoni pregnant by Alessandro Basciano the ultrasound video Mom

Sophie Codegoni is pregnant. The ex gieffina and her boyfriend Alessandro Basciano will soon become her parents. The announcement via Instagram with the tender video of one of the first ultrasounds: “Your mom and dad are waiting for you, you are the greatest joy and emotion that could happen to us”. Sophie Codegoni And Alexander … Read more

The Izzo sisters: «Dad was a magnetic field, he told each one that it was his favourite. Ricky Tognazzi? He is our brother”

The Izzo sisters Dad was a magnetic field he told

from Candida Morvillo Fiamma and Giuppy and the twins Simona and Rossella: “Life, love, divorces” The idea was of Simona: «Between Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus and the Karamazov brothers, there was no story that expressed a relationship between brothers who do not hurt each other». The four Izzo sisters they all took up … Read more

At the start Fiorello on RaiPlay, ‘Sanremo? I’ll do it in Dad ‘- Tv

At the start Fiorello on RaiPlay Sanremo Ill do it

“Sanremo? This year I’ll be in Dad. I’ll do it remotely”: reveals it Fiorello in the preview of ‘Waiting for Viva Rai2’now broadcast on RaiPlay. Previews on web previews, technical approach tests, in view of the television debut of the new morning show Viva Rai2, on December 5th. The first guest could only be him, … Read more

Dad Jupiter gives money to Aries: tomorrow’s horoscope. Tuesday 25 October

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Tomorrow’s Blackbeard horoscope, Tuesday 25 October Aries. 21/3 – 20/4 Thanks to dad Jupiter in the sign, some gratification in sight in the economic field. You will earn more than expected. Treat yourself to a whim so far postponed. You will feel its invigorating effect. It’s time to dare, to accept new assignments and collaborations. … Read more

At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth’s secret pool that her dad had built for her

1662939677 At Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeths secret pool that her

The newest of his swimmers is the prince Louis, but before him, even his little sister Charlotte and little brother George started to happily splash around in it, starting at one year of age. Before that, in the Buckingham Palace secret poolPrinces William and Harry, Prince Charles and his brothers, and Queen Elizabeth with her … Read more

Piero Angela is dead: the journalist and TV presenter was 93 years old. The son Alberto: “Have a good trip dad”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Chiara Severgnini Farewell to the journalist and presenter, the historical face of Rai. The announcement of his son Alberto: «Have a good trip dad». In 2021 he had told the Corriere: “The thing that gratifies me the most is having had an impact on the training of the boys”. Mattarella: “Disappears a great Italian … Read more

Farewell to Liliana de Curtis, she dreamed of a museum for dad Totò

NAPLES. Totò was her greatest love. And she was for him. Her face was full of wrinkles, Liliana de Curtis. And when she talked about her dad, those wrinkles in her spread into a smile, always. She had been ill for some time, Liliana. And her daughter, Elena, has seen her life die out hour … Read more