Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health – YouTube Magazine

Bottled water watch the label this number can do damage

Plastic bottled water – Before buying bottles of water at the supermarket, read the label carefully. In this way, the food product that is added to the cart is perfectly known. It would be impossible to live without water, humanity’s most precious asset. Since ancient times, populations settled along the banks of rivers (just … Read more

Mayor of London on Brexit attack, ‘does enormous damage’ – World

Mayor of London on Brexit attack does enormous damage

Watering down Brexit, if not actually rejoining the EU. The Labor mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, asked for it bluntly, breaking the prudence front in his own party, the first prominent British exponent with a role of power at national level to go so far, in the wake of the signals of rethinking – or … Read more

Exit the EU? After Brexit it’s scary: Europeans have more desire for the Union. The mayor of London: “Enough silence, immense damage”. And the British agree – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Exit the EU After Brexit its scary Europeans have more

The idea of ​​divorcingEuropean Union it is having less and less hold on the countries of the continent. An investigation finds it (European Social Survey) that since 2001 the City University of London conducted every two years among the inhabitants of 30 European nations, who say they are less and less in favor of the … Read more

The book, the charges and the damage to the crown: Will Harry have the courage to go to Charles’s coronation?

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Of Enrica Roddolo “Harry repudiates pre-Meghan life,” says al Courier Jonny Dymond Royal Editor BBC. “Coronation? Strange if the king’s son does not go, but will he have the courage?” “I want a reconciliation, but first there has to be”some accountability” (someone has to take some responsibility, ed.). The truth, it seems, now is that … Read more

Biathlon, damage and insult to women’s Italy. All because of that Dorothea Wierer mess in March…

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

We have now reached the eve of Christmas 2022. Let’s do it though a step back in time equal to nine abundant months, returning to March 18th, the day on which the last women’s sprint of the 2021-22 Biathlon World Cup takes place. The competition in Oslo draws the sums relating to the Nation Cup, … Read more

Pellet, almost all the parties are asking for a reduction in VAT from 22% to 5%. Doctors for the Environment: “Policies that perpetuate damage to health” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

There is one theme on which almost all political forces I agree. From right to left of the hemicycle, from north to south of the peninsula, deputies of Brothers of ItalyLeague, Come on ItalyWe with Italy, 5 Star MovementTogether for the Future, Democratic partyArticle 1, League and Südtiroler Volkspartei – with the only exception of … Read more

Ukraine, the premier: “Damage to 40% of the high voltage electricity grid. Priority to hospitals”. Kiev hits two bases of the Wagner group – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine the premier Damage to 40 of the high voltage

The Ukrainian people in the dark and in the cold, but the counter-offensive in Kiev does not stop and this time it has targeted the mercenaries of the Waghner group, loyalists of Russian President Putin accused of the most heinous crimes in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia makes it known that it is star increasing production of … Read more

Transformers Reactivate: new information and first images on the game of Splash Damage

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Let’s find out some information more and the first pictures from Transformers Reactivatethe new game from Splash Damage (Dirty Bomb, Gears Tactics and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) with official license from the historic franchise. Transformers Reactivate was announced with a trailer during TGA 2022. Let’s start with the images, evidently taken from the trailer: So let’s … Read more

Blogs | Milan-Rome, thirty daily flights: a waste of public money and useless environmental damage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blogs Milan Rome thirty daily flights a waste of public

Throughout Europe we are trying to reduce the number of flights as much as possible, at least on the sections connected by high speed, to start the ecological transition also in the air transport sector. However the best strategy would be to also charge the planes for environmental damage which cause, with a fuel tax … Read more

Covid: Pfizer and Moderna start post-vaccine heart damage studies

Covid Pfizer and Moderna start post vaccine heart damage studies

Pfizer and Moderna have announced the launch of some clinical trials with the intent to shed light on the long-term adverse effects which could occur in young people who have experienced heart problems following the administration of the anti-Covid vaccine. How reported from the US television network Nbc News, Moderna has launched two trials, the … Read more