Luisella Costamagna: «Journalist and dancer, why not? I smiled more, but I remain a nerd”

Of Laura Zangarini The journalist: “A demanding challenge that I faced with grit and the usual nerd” Luisella Costamagna, 54, and Pasquale La Rocca, 33, won the final of “Dancing with the Stars”. A bumpy goal, that of the journalist and the dancer and choreographer, “fished out” last December 17 after the injury to Costamagna … Read more

Lucarelli: “With another dancer Lorenzo in the final?” Perfect replica

Lucarelli With another dancer Lorenzo in the final Perfect replica

dancing with the Stars On the eve of the final of Dancing with the Stars, the juror releases some curious and peppery statements Published on December 16, 2022 Wild Lucarelli, on the eve of the premiere finale of Dancing with the Stars (the last episode will air on December 23), has released a series of … Read more

Claudia Bentrovato conquers Amici 2022 / Who is the dancer who seduces Todaro

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Friends 22 of Maria De Filippi, Claudia Bentrovato is a new student dancer of the school The general expectation in viewers rises in view of the new and fifth episode of Amici 2022 by Maria De Filippi, which – among the other surprising news – sees Claudia Bentrovato win a desk in the school. As … Read more

Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? / The dancer cries and ..

Dario eliminated; Albe, Alex and Serena join the other three finalists Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? As usual it is Maria De Filippi to deal with the final verdicts. The first to discover that he is officially admitted to the final, together with the other finalist competitors, is Alex who for … Read more


Nunzio is the eliminated of the seventh evening of Amici 2022 It’s time to find out who he is the eliminated of the seventh evening of Amici 21. Nunzio and Albe return to the house after having performed in front of the jury, ready to find out which of the two will have to leave. … Read more