Smartphone, delete these applications immediately: all your savings are in danger

Smartphone delete these applications immediately all your savings are in

Be careful with these apps, your phone may be infected and you don’t know it. Viruses masquerading as applications from the Play Store have been identified, scammed millions of users. Recently the well-known company of cyber safety McAfee has individualized 16 app dangerous from Play store. Behind the facade from applications innocent there are hidden … Read more

Is Twitter in danger of shutting down? Mass flight of employees, internal sources: “At least 6 essential services left without engineers”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Twitter’s offices have been closed since Thursday evening. Sabotage is feared: mass layoffs of employees. But Musk tweets: “I’m not super worried, the best are left” NEW YORK – More than a company, a battlefield: mass Twitter leak of employees which they refused Elon Musk’s ultimatum expired Thursday evening e offices closed from new owner … Read more

He cooks a chicken but he has a chipped nail and is in danger of dying

He cooks a chicken but he has a chipped nail

A chicken soup risked being fatal: Tereza Sauer, a young sporty woman found herself in the space of a few days from the spell of Bali to fight sepsis in the hospital, due to an infection that was dragging her suddenly towards death. Yoga instructor, passionate about boxing and extreme mountain hiking, Tereza is the … Read more

Seoul, Halloween massacre: police had more reports of danger, the dead rise to 156

The latest victim identified of the Halloween celebrations in the Asian metropolis is a 20-year-old South Koreanwho was hospitalized in serious condition along with 29 other people. For the first post-pandemic Halloween party it is estimated that about 100,000 people had reached Itaewon, the nightlife district of Seoul, on Saturday evening. However, since this is … Read more

Coffee could be a danger: never take it in these conditions, you seriously risk your health!

Coffee could be a danger never take it in these

Taking even a small cup of coffee can be a serious danger to our health, even if we struggle to give it up. No matter the doses, no matter the time of day: coffee in some cases is a danger to be avoided absolutely. Giving up, sometimes, is the only real solution. Canva Photo Although … Read more

Cannabis in snacks, children are in great danger –

Cannabis in snacks children are in great danger solofinanzait

A new alarm from the Istituto Superiore della Sanità puts everyone on the alert about the possibility of finding snacks with Thc, one of the active ingredients of cannabis. These snacks, both savory and sweet, could inadvertently be ingested by children, causing serious harm. Biscuits, snacks, donuts but also chips and popcorn, the variations of … Read more

Another nasty surprise: after the bills, now mortgages are also in danger of going crazy

1663027582 Another nasty surprise after the bills now mortgages are also

The ECB unanimously decided to raise the three interest rates again reference: what happens. Less than two months after the first increase of 50 basis points, the first since 2011 (coinciding with Mario Draghi’s farewell to the government), yesterday, the ECB unanimously decided to raise the three interest rates again of reference. This time of … Read more

Crazy speed bike with the app trick, what a danger in the center

Chronicle / Como city Monday 12th September 2022 The case Many “riders” who deliver food at home run well beyond the limit that the law sets at 25 km / h – A pc or a phone is enough to modify bicycles Mauro Peverelli Anyone who has walked through the historic center, but also along … Read more

Omicron, the summer wave is behind us. Hospitals are emptying, but the alert is not over: “Danger for autumn”

The health situation in Italy is improving on the Covid. The variant Omicron it is now the only one circulating in our country, but the summer wave has passed and the employment of hospital wards is falling more and more: the rate falls below the alert threshold of 15%, reaching 13%. It hadn’t happened since … Read more