Live coverage of Ukraine – NATO sources: “Debate on sending tanks to Kiev”. Kiev in the dark again – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Nov 29, 2022 3:09pm Moscow: “Danger of escalation from greater US role in Ukraine” Russia reminds the US that its policy towards greater involvement in the conflict in Ukraine carries the danger of an escalation. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov quoted by the Tass agency. Ryabkov added that there are no … Read more

Russian revenge after the withdrawal: “Kherson bombed”. And in Kiev, one in seven houses is in the dark

Russian revenge after the withdrawal Kherson bombed And in Kiev

The scared «trap effect» of the withdraw of the Russian troops from Cherson, the city occupied by Moscow forces last March and abandoned this month, may have begun to take shape. The Russian army would have launched today a powerful attack on Tavriyskyi, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods, in the north of the … Read more

Yomawari: Lost in the Dark, the review of a new adventure in the shadows

Yomawari Lost in the Dark the review of a new

In the review of Yomawari: Lost in the Dark we tell you all the news of the new chapter of the fascinating horror series. The most disturbing and darkest period of the year is approaching and, for the occasion, in 2022 we are also witnessing the return of a niche series, but discreetly appreciated by … Read more

Alone in the Dark: alone in the dark again, the return of a horror classic

Alone in the Dark alone in the dark again the.webp

It couldn’t end like this, not with that 2008 reboot that disappointed fans’ expectations, and in fact fate (and THQ Nordic) had other plans for Alone in the Dark. The rumors of the past few days have turned into glittering reality, because the highly anticipated return of one of the most important horror series in … Read more

Alone in the Dark: the original survival horror returns thanks to THQ Nordic

Alone in the Dark the original survival horror returns thanks

We previewed Alone in the Dark, the modern remake of the progenitor of survival horror, by THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive. It’s amazing how fast intellectual properties of extraordinary importance can die or be reborn in the magical world of video games. A good game was enough to resurrect the entire Resident Evil series after … Read more

Aliens: Dark Descent, let’s discover the new team action based on aliens

Aliens Dark Descent lets discover the new team action based

Let’s discover Aliens: Dark Descent, a team action game set in the Alien universe presented during the Summer Game Fest. Alien is one of those names that sometimes seem really under-exploited by video games, especially in recent years. Thinking of an Aliens: Colonial Marines still creeps up fans, while Alien: Isolation dates back to 2014 … Read more

If you find this one euro coin you can become rich in the dark: “It is worth 20 thousand euros!” –

One euro coins that are no longer in circulation or have been printed incorrectly are worth a fortune. It is not easy to find this type of coins (otherwise their price would not be so high) but if you are lucky enough to intercept one and put it on sale you can earn staggering figures. … Read more

If you have dark circles then you are deficient in these vitamins: the study

Dark circles, those annoying blemishes that appear under the eyes, can be a sign of a lack of vitamins. Not just a cosmetic defect, as many think, but also an indicator of health. With black dark circles the face appears tired, emaciated and sad. It almost seems that the person is going through a moment … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, the dark period is just a memory: how it appeared

Queen Elizabeth the dark period is just a memory how.gifcharsetUTF 8

Elizabeth smiling: health problems are a distant memory May 13, 2022 Public appearance for the Queen Elizabeth, which seems to have left its darkest period behind. Tiredness and health problems could be just a memory: the Sovereign appeared smiling and serene after the numerous sacrifices she was forced to in recent … Read more