Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley’s only daughter, has died. She was 54 years old, she suffered a cardiac arrest

Lisa Marie Elvis Presleys only daughter has died She was

Of Online editorial staff Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley’s only daughter, was rushed to hospital for suspected cardiac arrest. He was present at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills on Tuesday evening Lisa Marie Presley , singer-songwriter and only daughter of Elvis Presley, who died in a Los Angeles hospital. It is with great pain … Read more

Teo Mammucari: «The disappointment of Pippo Baudo and the surprise of Maria De Filippi. I haven’t seen my daughter for three years.”

On Tuesday evening Le Iene returns with Belén Rodriguez – same beach, same sea: Italia 1, 9.20 pm – but in the lead Teo Mammucari, 58 years old on 12 August, a 14-year-old daughter named Julia (had by the ex Velina of Striscia the news Thais Souza Wiggers, Brazilian, 37), has many other projects. For … Read more

Mazzette in the EU, Kaili sees his daughter again in Brussels prison. Meanwhile, the Eurochamber is preparing the squeeze on lobbies: here’s what it foresees – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Almost a month after his arrest, Eva Kaili he was able to see his 22-month-old daughter again. The little girl was taken to the prison Haren from grandfather Alexandrosat first also involved in the investigation of the federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels: he had been stopped with a suitcase full of cash and then released. … Read more

Kaili will see her 22-month-old daughter in jail. “Only now, after 28 days: her goal was to put pressure on her”

Of Joseph Guastella The lawyer: “They wanted to push her to confess, but she knew nothing about that money” For the first time in 28 days, terribly endless time for a mother, this afternoon Eva Kaili will be able to stay for three hours with her 22-month-old daughter in Haren prisonwhere the former vice-president of … Read more

Wilma Goich: Tragedy Emerges | Death, betrayal, abandoned daughter –

Wilma Goich Tragedy Emerges Death betrayal abandoned daughter

Wilma Goich is certainly among the protagonists of this edition of “Big Brother Vip”, despite a few too many slips, which led her to suffer some criticism from the public. Her story, however, moved many. Participating in “Big Brother Vip” often represents an opportunity to relaunch a career after a not too happy period, as … Read more

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter: «My mother threatened but she trusts the Americans»

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Of Viviana Mazza Alexandra, who is shooting a documentary film on January 6, and the future. “You ambassador? Never” FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTNEW YORK – “Half the country doesn’t believe it anyway. Half the country thinks they were tourists who had the right to enter the building. Half of the country will never believe anything Democrats … Read more

Heather Parisi who is the beautiful 20-year-old daughter engaged to Ultimo – newsby

Heather Parisi who is the beautiful 20 year old daughter engaged to

Heather Parisi and Ultimo – Newsby Heather Parisi is one of the historical faces of Italian television who made millions of girls dance, bringing them closer to dance with her unforgettable performances on the Fantastico stage. The showgirl today does not live in Italy she is married and has children. The second child is Ultimo’s … Read more

Scandal in the EU Parliament: “Bands from Qatar to speak well of the World Cup”. Stopped 4 Italians and the vice president Eva Kaili. There is also the former Pd Panzeri: wife and daughter in prison – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Scandal in the EU Parliament Bands from Qatar to speak

Bribes and gifts from Qatar to influence the decisions of the European Parliament. In particular to defend the reputation of world Championships from soccer. It is the center of the investigation of the federal police of the Belgium which led to a blitz with 16 searches in various Municipalities of the area Brussels. On the … Read more

Jasmine Carrisi, health problems for Albano’s daughter: “I need a…” – Velvet Gossip

Jasmine Carrisi health problems for Albanos daughter I need a

Jasmine Carisi. Credits: Instagram/Jasmine Carrisi Jasmine Carrisi didn’t have a good time to such an extent that she required a miracle. Let’s find out what happened to her and if the reason is related to a health problem. The daughter of Loredana Lecciso And Albano Carrisi use social media often. They are the home of … Read more