Fridge, washing machine, oven, air conditioner: how much does it cost to turn on an appliance a day after rising bills

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

The beginning of autumn carries with it the announced price increase of the costs in the electricity bills in the protected market. Today 1st October it clicks in fact clicks the increase of 59% of the electricity tariffs which is destined to affect the budgets of several Italian families. In fact, we are talking about … Read more

From Raspadori to Hojlund, the attackers recommended for the 8th day

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

The resumption of the championship after the break, without strikers like Lukaku and Osimhen, offers some interesting ideas for the attacking department. Here are some suggestions Salvatore Malfitano & commat; malfitoto September 30th – Milan The championship is back, with the usual dilemmas for fantasy coaches. The national teams have caused some ailments and choosing … Read more

Farewell to ultra-processed foods, the risk of cancer is very high | We eat them every day –

Farewell to ultra processed foods the risk of cancer is very

It has been confirmed that most of the foods we eat are ultra-processed, which is a huge health risk. Let’s find out what they are. A study confirmed this: most of the food that is consumed is ultra processeda detail that makes us particularly exposed to a particular pathology, let’s find out what we risk … Read more

Model 730/2022 expiring on 30 September, the last day for sending: what to pay attention to

Last day to send the model 730/2022 to the Revenue Agency: this is the tax declaration “Preferred” by employees and retirees. There deadline to send the pre-filled or ordinary 730 is the September 30thso taxpayers still have a few hours to broadcast. But what are the most important things to watch out for? Apart from … Read more

Horoscope for the day, forecasts for September 29 sign by sign

Horoscope for the day forecasts for September 29 sign by

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s horoscope sign by sign for 29 September. A beautiful Saturn if you were born in April raises your sensitivity and helps you to guess, with happy accuracy at times, the moods of others. In love, know how to keep … Read more

Paolo Fox weekly horoscope from 28 September to 4 October 2022, what the stars of the day say – Controcopertina

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

Aries The calm conversations of the Aryans always happen. He curbs your natural impulses and wears a cloak of softness, which has also remained. Allow yourself to aspire to be happy, recognize your precious right to always have well-being and love. Moment: Lavender color.Don’t plunge headlong into working mode, Aries. Cleaning and tidying can definitely … Read more

Bathroom, if you go there more than once a day you are taking a big risk: do not underestimate

Bathroom if you go there more than once a day

Going to the bathroom more than once a day indicates a very serious health problem. Here’s what you risk. Bathroom – During our day, there are private moments that need all the possible and imaginary tranquility just to ensure that our body is free from all toxins and excess quantities. We also do this … Read more

Mps, Ita Airways, Tim, Ilva. Here are the industrial dossiers that the next government will have to deal with from day one – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Mps Ita Airways Tim Ilva Here are the industrial dossiers

As far as industrial policies are concerned, there are four hot potatoes that the next executive will have to handle from the very first minutes at Palazzo Chigi. Ita Airways, bank MpsIlva and Telecom Italia. To which is added the spectrum of a series of default in a chain between small and medium energy operators … Read more

Eighth day of protests in Iran: 54 dead, 700 arrests and another 23-year-old girl killed

Eighth day of protests in Iran 54 dead 700 arrests

from Viviana Mazza Eighth day of demonstrations for the ill-veiled young woman buried last Saturday in Kurdistan. In handcuffs the journalist who was the first to report the death of Mahsa Amini There are 41 according to the authorities – including civilians and security forces officers -, while at least 54 according to activists, but … Read more

Flight strike, new day at risk stop: when and the companies involved

With autumn, even the air strikes in our country. The pilots and flight attendants of four low cost airlines among the most important in Europe for their policy of containing prices, have announced the stop. The strike was called by the trade unions Filt-Cgil and by Uiltrasporti who have decided to stop to try to … Read more