Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin: “Everything is proceeding as planned”. In Dnipro 35 dead in building hit by missile, bombs on Zaporizhzhia

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The victims in the building have risen to 35 Dnipro, hit by a Russian missile. In addition to the confirmed dead, there are more than 35 missing. 39 people were saved, 73 injured, about thirty of whom were hospitalised. “We are fighting for every single person! The rescue operation will last as long as there … Read more

The sacrifice of young Russians at the front: at least 1,500 of the September conscripts already dead

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Federico Fubini The data analysis, counting obituaries and letters from family members looking for the missing, and crossing the numbers of marriages before leaving: the mobilization was wider than announced, and caught above all in the most remote provinces of Russia. 25 thousand victims in the army; at least 1,500 of them are conscripts … Read more

Ukraine, Russian siege of Soledar with the Wagner group. The Ukrainians: «We no longer count the dead»

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The Ministry of Defense of Moscow, quoted by the agency Ria NovostiRussian airborne troops surrounded Ukrainian forces in the Ukrainian town of Soledar, in the Donbass, and now they are allegedly being bombed. According to Moscow, the town would be blocked to the north and south. The “criticality” of the situation is confirmed by the … Read more

“The lady is dead.” Spits and blows to the doctor, a ward of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome is devastated

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Sant’Andrea Hospital: a patient admitted to the ward of Oncology he dies and his family lash out at doctors and nurses. It happened last January 3, first aggression of the new year in a hospital, the umpteenth that is consumed in the Roman structures where unions and doctors are once again sounding the alarm asking … Read more

Silvia Toffanin, the revelation comes live: “…she’s dead..” | A true disgrace –

Silvia Toffanin the revelation comes live shes dead A

Silvia Toffanin emotion – lineadiretta24 Silvia Toffanin, the presenter of Verissimo makes a very moving revelation that leaves everyone speechless She is one of the presenters who conquered the world of entertainment with her sensitivity and professionalismSilvia Toffanin. His show that he considers his second home and family is the famous afternoon program, Verissimo. In … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missile attacks in the night, one dead in Kharkiv. Moscow: “Ukrainian rockets on two power plants in Donetsk, one victim”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missile attacks in the

Ukrainian artillery missiles hit and damaged the power station of Starobeshevskayain the Donetsk region of Russian-occupied Donbass, resulting in the death of a woman. In the meantime, the Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas under the bombs, many in shelters, and in the evening, at midnight local time, the unilateral truce of 36 hours decided by Russia … Read more

Ratzinger dead, when the outgoing Pope asked not to be elected: “Don’t think of me” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ratzinger dead when the outgoing Pope asked not to be

Few know that, a few days before the conclave that would have elected him, Joseph Ratzinger did everything to not be chosen as a successor to Karol Wojtyla. On April 16, 2005, two days before entering the Sistine Chapel, the then dean of the College of Cardinals celebrated 78 years old. At the end of … Read more

Arata Isozaki, emperor of architecture, dead – Art

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

His first experience of architecture was “the void of architecture”, the shattering effect of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. “It was then that I began to think about how to rebuild houses and cities,” said Arata Isozaki, the Japanese archistar, born in Oita, on the island of Kyushu, in 1931, just fourteen when his land … Read more

The United States overwhelmed by the Arctic storm. Dozens of dead, 27 in Buffalo alone

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

AGI – Buffalo remained the American epicenter of the arctic storm which claimed more than fifty lives throughout the United States. More than half lived in this city of 270,000 in western New York State, for days buried under the snow. The “bomb cyclone”, as the Americans call it, has so far killed twenty-seven people … Read more

Putin’s Christmas truce: 40 rockets on Ukraine, Kiev drone flies to base in Russia: 3 dead. Pope Francis: “Now the weapons are silent”

Cesare Cremonini assault on the Euganeo stadium Fans in

Featured Updates Pope Francis, appeal for peace in “dear Ukraine” 2022-12-26 15:34:55 Kiev: attack on Engels as a consequence of Moscow’s actions Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat said the explosions at Engels Air Base in Russia were “the consequences of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine,” without explicitly claiming Kiev’s direct responsibility … Read more