A prayer for the dearly departed … the general practitioner

by Enzo Bozza 21 NOV – Dear Director,a simple and concrete narrative for uninformed people to know what their family doctor’s job is, before extinction. Before the panda bear, the monk seal and the family doctor succumb to the dramatic evolution of the species. If nothing else, because then no one is surprised and falls … Read more

Battery charger, be careful not to leave it like this: the mistake that can cost you dearly, even your life

Battery charger be careful not to leave it like this

Be careful never to leave the charger like this, as you could make a mistake that can really cost you dearly, especially your life. There are some common gestures that could endanger you and your loved ones. So watch out for never leave the charger like this, as you could make a mistake that can … Read more

Lippi: «The choice to leave Buon Domenica? I paid dearly for it. I told Berlusconi not to engage in politics “

The conductor recounts: the years with Berlusconi (“I told him not to do politics”), the choice to leave Buon Domenica, the affections (“My niece is everything”), the illness (the 4 bypasses) Claudio Lippi lives in Rome, in a residential area that develops in the green. The house («For rent») is beautiful and surrounded by a … Read more

Payments with the POS: don’t make these mistakes, they can cost you dearly

Payments with the POS dont make these mistakes they can

Starting from June 30, the obligation to accept payments with the POS for all merchants will come into force: it is a move against tax evasion. When making a payment with the POS, and you are in possession of a contactless payment tool, you just need to place the card on the device to carry … Read more

The 3 mistakes that could cost dearly to those who start running to lose weight and for this reason it is better to ask yourself how to start and try to lose weight in the right way

When it is late spring, the desire to lose weight unconsciously grows. An important ally for this mission, never forgetting the need for a healthy and balanced diet, is physical activity. What many choose to do is running. A natural activity, which is part of those things that you do as children and you imagine … Read more