World debt never so high, a bomb ready to explode

The question debt globally it is hotter than ever: too much indebtedness of states and companiesa bomb is going to explode in the world? The question is legitimate if we consider how much the financial situation has changed since the pandemic, with central banks rushing to change the course of monetary policy: from negative rates … Read more

Tax credit: how to help Italians without increasing the debt

Tax credit how to help Italians without increasing the debt

Increase in government bond yields, collapse of financial markets, increase in energy costs, reduction in domestic demand, bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises, consequent banking crisis, economic recession, reduction in tax revenues, increase in public debt and interest costs. I don’t know if the list is complete, however there is already enough to realize the … Read more

The ECB “discharges” the Italian debt: what does it mean?

In the days following the elections, a “mine” arrives on Italy that will be carefully managed in the coming months because it has to do with the weakening of the shield that has defended the country in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic- 19: the securities purchase plan of European Central … Read more

Spread, BTP and Stock Exchange, here’s how the scenarios change after the vote: “The challenges are growth and debt”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

During the night, a point became clear to those who look at Italy from the City of London: the country is not returning to 2018, not now. Then the uncertainty after the vote and the emergence of a coalition between Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle, which hardly hid the temptation to exit the euro, almost … Read more

IMF calls for EU tax reform: “We need a common debt to tackle crises” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Brexit new clash between Great Britain and the EU London

A new “fiscal capacity” financed bycommon debt issuance and new streams of income. The International Monetary Fundin the midst of the economic and energy crisis triggered by the conflict in Ukraineasks theEuropean Union to draw inspiration from the experience linked to funds for the support of States affected by the coronavirus and start a tax … Read more

More and more Lombards in debt to go on vacation. It takes 4 years to pay for holidays – Economy

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Milan, 8 August 2022 – Four years to pay for the holiday. Indebted tourists : summer 2022 already has its cover. The days of the Augustan exodus, the queues on the motorway, the delayed planes and the long waits to board the ferries this year pass in the second row. Habitual inconveniences, after all, only … Read more

Labriola: «Tim will be slimmer. And with less debt the market will reward us “

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

The way to grow again has just been defined. uphill and passes through the separation of the network and the relaunch of Tim’s consumer and business activities. A challenge that Pietro Labriola took up eight months ago by taking over the leadership of the telephone group, to ground a plan that marks a turning point, … Read more

Tim, studying debt relief with asset transfer

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

NetCo it has a long-term horizon and will consist of the primary and secondary fixed network, domestic and international wholesale activities (Sparkle). “Netco can represent the first case in Europe of the creation of a pole of fiber network infrastructures and technologies available to the whole market and with a widespread presence throughout the national … Read more

Tim “cuts” the big debt and accelerates the separation of the network. Maxi cut to staff: 9 thousand releases by 2030 – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Tim cuts the big debt and accelerates the separation of

Telecom Italia accelerates on the sale of the network, an operation to be carried out through one “spin off”, ie the creation of a separate industrial unit of which the controlling stake would then be sold to a group of investors led by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and to the Kkr and Macquarie funds. The … Read more

Fininvest 2021 financial statements approved: revenues and profits up, debt down

Fininvest SpA shareholders’ meeting was held today, chaired by Marina Berlusconi and called to approve the financial statements of the parent company. The consolidated one was also examined during the session. Both relate to the financial year ended December 31, 2021 and document the “excellent results achieved by the Fininvest group in 2021“, which have … Read more