FIMI ranking: Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei still first in singles, slow debut for Lamborghini and Hunt, flop Mika and Baby K. Lazza regains primacy in the albums, Albe makes his debut at 13

FIMI ranking Fedez Tananai and Mara Sattei still first in

Tananai, Fedez and Mara Sattei So many jolts in the FIMI rankings from 17 to 23 June 2022. Thanks to the approach of summer, there are in fact many summer singles that are making space in the chart to try to subtract the first place from Fedez, Tananai And Mara Sattei. Surprisingly in the albums, … Read more

Queen’s: Berrettini, winning debut: “I want another title”. Sonego immediately outside

The Roman overcomes Evans, the first obstacle towards the defense of the London tournament with a double 6-3. There will be no derby with Sonego, eliminated by Kudla in three sets The first step towards defending the title at the Queen’s tournament has been made for Matteo Berrettini who, fresh from the success in Stuttgart, … Read more

Lambretta is back: the G350 and the X300 make their debut. Data and prices

The Milanese company celebrates the anniversary with the Heritage to Future event at Milan Design Week 2022, an opportunity to celebrate the history of the brand but also to launch two new models that will enter the market at the end of 2022 Salvatore Amoroso 07 June – Milan It has been 75 years since, … Read more

Fiat Doblò: the fifth generation makes its debut

OF MOTHER PSA – The “budding” process of PSA’s K9 multi-space vehicle, the one created with the current Rifter (Peugeot) and Berlingo (Citroën), continues unabated and now gives life to the new Fiat Doblò. Which will be equipped with thermal engines (turbobenzina and turbodiesel) and electric in the Van variant marketed by Fiat Professional and … Read more

Laura Pausini, from debut to international success

Laura Pausini from debut to international success

The extraordinary success of the Romagna singer: from her debut on the Ariston stage to achieving international fame Source: archive Full name: Laura Pausini Date of birth: 16/05/1974 Birth place: Faenza Zodiac sign: Bull Height: 1.69 m Profession: singer Debut date: 1993 Official site: link More info: Stars and VIPs Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Biography … Read more

McDonald’s leaves Russia. The historic debut 32 years ago, with 31,000 customers served in one day

McDonald’s has decided to sell its business in Russia. The chain of US fast food restaurants, which had been operating in the country for 32 years. The decision follows Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and is significant for a brand that has expanded around the world and become a symbol of globalization. At the beginning of … Read more

LIVE Sinner-Martinez 6-4 6-3, ATP Rome 2022 LIVE: the blue dominates at the debut and gives himself the derby against Fognini!

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE THE CHRONICLE OF JANNIK SINNER’S VICTORY 22.08 Thank you all for following us and goodnight! 22.07 Let’s take a look at the match statistics: 4 aces to 0 for the blue who placed a double fault just like the opponent. 72% of firsts for the Spaniard with 64% of … Read more