Photovoltaic, furniture and deductions: the home bonuses to be exploited in 2023

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Between changes to the Superbonus, 65% ecobonus, 75% deduction for the removal of architectural barriers and 50% VAT for energy-saving buildings, the new concessions on real estate introduced by the government in the manoeuvre. Home bonus 2023 A 50% rate is envisaged with a spending ceiling set at 96 thousand euros: this is how the … Read more

Photovoltaic panels: cost and deductions due with or without law 104

Photovoltaic panels cost and deductions due with or without law

Saving on bills is possible if photovoltaic panels are installed. But how much do they cost? Are there any deductions by law 104? Both questions are legitimate especially if you have to install solar panels to save on electricity and gas bills. Pexels The costs are high taking into account the purchase of the panels, … Read more