Electricity and gas bills: new possible scams from call centers are on the way, it is essential to learn to defend yourself

Electricity and gas bills new possible scams from call centers

The free market in bills could hide some insidious traps. Here’s how to get prepared. TO January 2024 domestic consumers and micro enterprises will be involved in the transition to the free market for electricity and gas bills. From that date, therefore, there will be the end of the price protection. Photo Canva In the … Read more

Economic crisis and inflation: here’s how to defend yourself (and protect your savings)

The heavy economic crisis crossed by the countries of the European Union, it is emerging with the crash of the euro, the surge in inflation and a worrying increase in the cost of raw materials and basic necessities, the latter closely connected with the effects of the sanctions imposed to Russia. With the storm underway, … Read more

How to defend yourself from “Follina”, the Windows bug with the Italian name

15 Once Follina, a small town of 3,800 inhabitants Unesco Heritage in the Province of Treviso, was famous for its splendid Abbey of Santa Maria. Today it is a bit famous even for a bugvery dangerous, of the operating system Microsoft Windows which bears his name. A name that derives from a coincidence, but which … Read more

New case of deadly virus: fever, blisters and pains, what is happening and how to defend yourself among the symptoms

New case of deadly virus fever blisters and pains what

A deadly virus case that hasn’t been seen for some time. The patient is in isolation and is the seventh hospitalization in a few years. Fever, boils, pains, the symptoms of Monkeypox leave little doubt in the diagnosis of the deadly virus. There are seven cases in the UK. Adobe Stock Covid first, then acute … Read more