Finland, yes to NATO without delay. Thus the “land of dialogue” puts an end to the world of the Blocks

from Paolo Lepri The country has always worked for peace. Here the negotiations for detente between the US and the Soviet Union took place but the government of a young Social Democrat turns the page IS another paradox of this angry decade is the fact that just as the world is turning back, experiencing the … Read more

“Finland in NATO, without delay”: the announcement of the leaders that breaks the historical neutrality

from Claudio Del Frate Joint announcement by Prime Minister Sanna Marin and the head of state Sauli Niinisto. Since 1948 the country was “non-aligned” and had a “non-belligerent” treaty with Moscow. The two blocks will have a direct border of over 1,500 kilometers Finland breaks the delay and on Sunday he will officially ask for … Read more

Cashback with plate for the queues on the motorway, go to refunds: payments after 10 ‘of delay

Cashback with plate for the queues on the motorway go

Refund of the toll motorway for delays higher than 10 minutes, directly recognized on the basis of the license plate of your car and without having to make any questions, declarations or reminders. After an experiment that began on 15 September last, the “cashback with plaqueā€¯On the entire network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia which … Read more