Lancia Delta and Cupra Formentor VZ5, the four-wheel drive challenge

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Two cars at the antipodes, characterized by a common thread: they are compact cars at the peak of performance in their respective eras. The merit also goes to the four-wheel drive, this is how it has evolved in almost forty years James Ruben Martini November 24th Once upon a time there was the sports compact. … Read more

The video of the launch of ULA Delta IV Heavy: the spectacular space rocket ” that catches fire ”

The video of the launch of ULA Delta IV Heavy

Although we are now used to the spectacular launches and landings of space rockets like those of SpaceX, with their return to the droneship (or on the pads) or the first tests of the components of the new Starship carrier there is another type of rocket that has its own charm “old school” not being … Read more

Have you ever seen this Lancia? The “blood” of the Delta S4 flows in her | An incredible car in every sense

Have you ever seen this Lancia The blood of the

Lancia is famous, indeed very famous for its cars. Especially in the 20th century, the company gave birth to extraordinary models. Today we will meet one that perhaps would have deserved a very different fate. The history of Lancia, from a sporting and commercial point of view, is nothing short of illustrious. Motoring enthusiasts know … Read more

Lancia Delta HF Integrale – When the (Italian) myth does not set

Thermal cars The measurements at constant speed are carried out on the High Speed ​​track on a measured basis of 1 kilometer which is traveled in both directions. Consumption is measured by the Kistler CDS-DFL 3X flow meter, which is interfaced with the car’s fuel system. It starts from the speed of 80 km / … Read more

Lancia Delta Integrale is back on the road but without one of the features that made it famous | An abomination for the nostalgic

Lancia Delta Integrale is back on the road but without

Its characteristic roar that made it famous on the tracks of one of the most famous competitions in the world could be silent on this new version. Will the purists like it? Unlikely but we like it. Welcome to another chapter in the “vintage cars that switch to electric” saga. You were not aware of … Read more